Need a new bike for my adventures 2up.

Discussion in 'Americas' started by lalispeed, Oct 2, 2019.

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    Oct 17, 2011
    So i currently have an 06 gs1200. And i did few looong trips with the person that sleep on the other side of the bed ...most of the times.....We love our bike, but....i bought a Van.
    Dodge promaster 3500. Im looking for a bike that i can load an unload easily, more lightweight and smaller. We are tired of long stints of HWY to get somewhere ( we live in Dallas). So the idea is do Day trips or few day trips on a bike that have some off road capabilities. We like to go Natiomal parks and hike or do nothing...or ride around. I was looking into the new KTM 790 and i love it... but the $ is to high and i can't afford it... Cause there is no way that im selling my BMW.... The TR650 sounds kinda right but where to find them... Xr650?.. sucks on twisty roads... desitions desitions...
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    Most singles are not going top be fun 2-up. Some are not going to be that much fun on road rides even if you are going solo. So the question is - how much off-road capability do you need? If it's about the same as the R12GS, maybe a used V-Strom 650 would work. It's lighter than a GS, but still good enough to do any road trip and some off-road (off pavement?) two-up. Dirt cheap to buy and maintain. A Versys 650 is also a good option, more fun on twistes, less fun going straight, but more cramped two-up than a V-Strom.

    Left field option (yes, I know I said most singles aren't going to be that much fun two up... :loco) - Duke 690.

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    Ktm 990 or 950 adventure.
    Smaller than a GS, easy to load in van and capable off pavement with decent tires. Loads of fun on pavement too.

    Looking for something simple to ride around on 2-up once you get to the forest? DR650.
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    My wife and I have no issues on the DR650 2 up. Buy an airhawk for your passenger and ride on.