Need feedback on DMC sidecar bracket setup (pics)

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by Heavy Armor, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. Heavy Armor

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    Jun 12, 2012
    Hey guys, for anyone familiar with setting one of these things up all by your lonesome, I'd love some feedback on my arrangement thus far.

    1.) It feels like the sidecar is still too far away from the bike itself. I've already lopped off 3" from each of the horizontal pipes that fit in the pinch clamps, but I think I may have to take out another 3" or so. I read somewhere you want everything as perpendicular to the ground as possible (so adjustments are more predictable); correct me if that's wrong!

    2.) I think I'm going to have to flip the front sidecar brackets 180'. Right now it's creating a "box", and I believe it's supposed to be a more triangular setup. Also, the upper mount is currently too long and can't be threaded any shorter, so once I move it in closer, it's REALLY gonna be too close unless I flip the mount.
    IMG_20200125_162504.jpg IMG_20200125_162449.jpg

    Here again, more boxiness in the rear:

    3.) I currently have the upper rear bracket connected to the upper mount on the sidecar like the original Terraplane was designed for. The DMC setup is intended for the upper bike bracket to connect to the lower sidecar bracket. Anyone have any comments on which would be better?

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer. I'm terrified I'm gonna cut something wrong and ruin all that $$$$ I paid for these mounts!
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  2. Heavy Armor

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    Jun 12, 2012
    Sorry for the weird size on the last pic, I've tried to edit twice and the preview shows a thumbnail, but the message itself is blowing the thumbnail up full sized for some reason.
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    Did you buy your parts from DMC, or are you putting this together with second hand parts? Nothing wrong with that route, but if you did buy the bits from DMC specifically for this, they’d be the first person to ask. Jay is a member here, so he *might* chime in on this thread, but I’m sure he talk to on the phone about it.
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    This statement has me a bit puzzled--not sure I get what you mean. When fully loaded going down the road you want the sidecar to be level front to rear and left to right. Do what you need to do to the lower mounts to make that happen. The closer the lower mounts end up parallel to the ground then, yeah, adjustments will be more predictable.

    I know what you mean about the "box" but the shape you are after is actually trapezoidal. Triangular maybe is another way to say that. Short thread with some good explanations from 5 years ago here---->

    Saying "trapezoidal is good" is a long ways from making that actually happen. But that's what you're shooting for in an ideal world.

    The Terraplane mounting point will be plenty sturdy, but my guess is that DMC's advice speaks to the whole trapezoid thing. Running that strut straight across the way you have it adds to your "box" issue.

    If the sidecar is farther from the bike that will make the rig more stable. Sidecar closer and it makes it more nimble but also more "tippy." I think I wouldn't be too concerned about overall width. I'd be concentrating on just getting the best strut structure as possible and whatever width I end up with is fine.
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    Lately I've had the same issue with some thumbnail pics. Edit it to full size and it will post a clear, though larger, pic.
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    @Heavy Armor , do you have photos of the "naked" sidecar chassis before the TerraPlane body was placed on it? What would also help is some pics of the cradle or sub-frame or whatever you have that supports the rigging or sidecar chassis on the bike itself. I would agree that the "box" configuration at the rear is "not optimal", but it's hard (for me anyway!) to envision any possible improvement without knowing what the potential anchor or "hard points" are that rigging could be secured to. Thanks!
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  8. Heavy Armor

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    Jun 12, 2012
    Woooo, SO many responses! You guys are already helping... those discussions about track width and the parallelogram angles were very informative!

    I'll try to answer some of your questions below:

    1.) szurszewski, yes, these were bought directly from Jay for this purpose. He said I was likely the only person to ever connect a Terraplane to a Speedmaster, so a lot of it was just going to be trial and error with the measurements... hence the reason my pipes are extra long. He gave me extra to trim to whatever worked.

    2.) Drone, yes, you got it right. That's exactly what I was referring to. Thanks again for the link!

    3.) mikepa, no I'm afraid I don't have any pics of the frame only. I had initially intended to remove the tub for setup, but for mysterious and arcane reasons Mr. Vetter decided that the tub should be riveted to the frame, then the to shell pieces riveted together. Getting it off of there sounds like a major undertaking!

    4.) Flyin' Monkeys, I've moved the sidecar inward considerably ATM... the setup in the pics was about a 62" track width. With it sitting closer to 52"-54", the pedal is much, much closer. Also, the pedal is adjustable fore and aft, and it's currently sitting in the farthest aft position. I'll probably be moving it up. I had a separate brake on my 2010 Ural that I liked, so I'll probably get this one functional at some point (it's hydraulic and looks to be in pretty bad shape).

    Thanks again guys for all the feedback! :beer

    EDIT: I found this pic of a Terraplane frame here on ADVRider!
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