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    I wrote about this on an another thread but it should have been here but I just found this section. Check the thread link below for more.

    My little history is that I really, mean really like to got a Cagiva GranCanyon, dont ask me why but I want one. The problem is that the Cagiva bikes are not on the admissibility list of transport Canada. After playing the phone game a while, I spoke with the guy in charge of that list. The issue of that is to be on that list, the manufacturer need to ask for it and fill a 38pages document about norms and regulations. You know how our governments like simple things!!(ironic). Now , that document is in hand of Cagiva and what I am asking you to do is to give some support to me and to the other canadians I saw through this forum and the GranCanyon's forum who havesome interest for it. Write a simple email to mister Stutzman at CagivaUSA to let him know that your Canadian, you know about the admissibility procedure and you support it.

    I really thing that here in Canada, It is the third world for adventurer bike. Those little procedures is just an open door, please help.

    If I was stock on the side of the road will you help me, hope so

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