Need some tech help for '65 YJ2

Discussion in '2 smokers' started by LotaBikes, Jan 29, 2012.

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    I have a '65 YJ2 that I need some technical help with. I have searched for the answers to these questions to no avail and hope someone here might be able to advise. The bike has what I beleive to be a Mikuni VM16SC carb. I need to know the correct float level height. Also, I am doing a compression and leak down test now that I have replaced the crank seals and varios o-rings that may affect air intake. What should the compression be? Lastly (for now) I need to know the correct timing and points gap. Any help on any one of these points is appreciated.
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    Sudco will have the float height but I do believe it is 22mm- 27mm I will PM some other info on the timing