New Bike registration process in CDMX ?

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by timae, Aug 24, 2019.

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    Jun 20, 2019
    Hi everyone,

    so I've read through loads and loads of post on registering bikes in Mexico, but I would like to have a definitive list with adresses to go to, so I hope you guys can help me with that.

    So here's the plan:

    1.We will be buying 2 brand new motorbikes (probably Italika DM200 sport or vento Crossmax250 or something the like) in CDMX on the 3rd of december (I'm in the process of pre-arranging that all, so that we don't have any hangups on that front).

    2.Then, on the 3rd and/or 4th we need to get the bikes registered. This will be done at a "Módulo de Control Vehicular" (like this one: As far as I can see there are 5 in the wider city centre. I guess any will do.
    For this we will need to bring:
    - the payment receits of the bikes
    - an electrical/water bill from a mexican citizen
    - the mexican citizen from the bill :)
    - our passports

    anything missing?

    And from now on I am not so sure anymore. Do we get the plates right there after registration or do we need to wait for a couple of days, if so how many?

    Also, as far as I understood we are allowed to ride around for 7 days after buying the bikes without plates. Is that correct?

    Also we will need insurance for the bikes, right? Any recommendations for companies, ideally english speaking support would be nice, as we are learning spanish atm, but it'll not be enough to handle insurance stuff.

    And then we should be able to just drive of into the sunset, correct?

    As all of this is still in the planning phase, any contacts to reliable motorbike shops in CDMX, fixers for registration and so forth are greatly appreciated. Also if something is wrong please correct me. I'll also try to write it all up in a proper list in the end, so those future people won't need to search around as much anymore.

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    From what you have posted I assume you are putting the bikes in your Mexican friends name, I hope you have full trust in this person. I have lived here for 8 years and to my knowledge you cannot register the bike in your name without at least a temporary resident card and a Mexican motorcycle license. No Mexican insurance company will give you insurance in your name without a resident card and a permanent address in Mexico and no US company with insure a Mexican bike in Mexico. I purchased the CDMX plates early on before I became permanente (from a fixer for $300) and yes you do get a registration card and CDMX plates in your name but there is nothing legal about it and you could have your bike confiscated along with a good fine at any checkpoint, you would be better off running with no plates or papers like half of the riders down here. I have purchased and insured a Mexican bike here but I had to become a permanent resident first, I tried.
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    I agree all with you. If wanna be 100% legal: bike must be national or permanet resident name.
    Many dealers offers to process the plates with an extra of near 1800 pesos (800 of plates license, and 1,000 for business agent ), and usually tooks 2 days to obtain it.