New bike... tell me Im wrong!

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1290R or R1200GS

  1. Rallye because boxers are best!

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  2. 1290 because POWER!

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  1. Boxerbreath

    Boxerbreath 2017.5 GS Black Storm

    Feb 7, 2018
    Lost Angels County
    There is something about the relaxed feel of a boxer.
    KTMs have a race-bred feel. If you want to feel like your racing all the time, a KTM is a visceral experience.
    I had a Ducati Multistrada for a while and (in Biden speak) that bike was a kick!
    But yeah, I always felt like I was, er, racing...
  2. Rebelheart

    Rebelheart Adventurer

    Oct 21, 2018
    In the end of 2018 I was choosing between 1200GS and 1290S. After long time spent on sports tourers it was time to try adventure motorcycle and switch off -avoid gravel roads- from my GPS. 1290S power and looks was something I was used to and even more. So choice was obvious. Until I had one day to test 1200gs. Power is not there (compared to 1290). But this motorcycle is not about it and that took my attention. I planned to take small trip, but ended up calling local BMW manager and asking for longer time. I visited a lot of places around my hometown. Some gravel and forest roads few villages. This bike just sets your mind on another track than chasing curves. Maybe it's because of more relaxed philosophy of motorcycle maybe there is something else, but it felt like perfect tourist and explorer I just wanted to go further and else... And that's why I ended up with GS. KTM brought me power and thrill, GS brought me adventure. I may sound to much GS biased, but believe me it was never a bike of my dreams before, contrary, I always looked at it a bit as overpriced grandpa's toy, but ended up on one
  3. RunninRanger

    RunninRanger Rainy day Rider Supporter

    Jul 16, 2013
    Roaming the US in a motorhome
    Easy maintenance, no chain to oil, no sprockets to change, no reliability issues,
    and an excellent dealer network were all pluses for team blue. But one could add a better resale value as well.
    BMW wins.
    None are cheap nor frugal.
  4. mmoore89

    mmoore89 Adventurer

    Nov 17, 2012
    Again thanks for everyone confirming my thoughts...

    I have two qeustions:
    1) Finding a bike with the sports suspension is a bit of a challenge. I know I dont really need it but I do want it. Am I being too picky should I just take the standard and be happy?

    2) My biggest complaint with my current bike is that on the motorway at 130km/h it feels like it is revving a bit high. And any longer journeys at speed higher than this it can consume some oil.
    With the new r1200gs is this improved and does oil consumption reduce during higher speed runs or is this still an issue?
    (This is obviously a area where the ktm excels 6th gear is really tall and therefore motorway at 130km/h is very relaxed)

  5. WacoDirtryder

    WacoDirtryder Been here awhile

    Aug 3, 2009
    waco, texas
    Im sorry but KTM's don't excel on anything but HP. There is a reason when ride across the country, you see 500 GS's to ever KTM.
  6. Boxerbreath

    Boxerbreath 2017.5 GS Black Storm

    Feb 7, 2018
    Lost Angels County
    Well, I wouldn’t say they excel in just HP. KTM has always been a more dirt orientated platform.
    Both big pigs in the dirt in the hands of the average rider, but the KaToom has the edge. What you pay for off-road handling you sacrifice in comfort....
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  7. KDXRC51

    KDXRC51 Been here awhile

    Mar 25, 2012
    Colorado Springs
    +1 on putting another thread in orange crush. This is GSpot, what did you think you would get.

    I’ve got two BMWs and a KTM. It all depends on what riding you want to do, like has been said before. For highway use I like the BMWs. For anything else I like my KTM. I’ve been completely unimpressed with my ‘18 GSA Rallye since day one. Zero smile factor with that bike for me. No soul. If I could, I’d go back to my camhead GSA.
    But soon I’ll probably get rid of the GSA for a 1090R. That’s my opinion.
  8. LBJ GSA

    LBJ GSA Been here awhile

    Apr 16, 2017
    I believe in the UK, the 'sports suspension' option on the GS 'rallye' (e.g. on 2017 used examples etc) used the exact same suspension as the GSA with ESA. I don't know how many of them were optioned as such though. Maybe by riders who were 'serious' about off-roading or taller riders who preferred the GS option to the GSA? I also believe that the HP version can be spec'd with 'sports suspension' in the same way. There are non ESA (non TE) bikes out there of course and also non TE versions with ESA (i.e. a base model spec'd up). Run the registrations / VINs by a BMW dealer to identify exactly what's on there. Where are you in the country Mmoore? If you are a taller chap, be aware there are multiple OEM seat heights out there too!
  9. tentative_rider

    tentative_rider Wanna Be On Gravel

    Jul 11, 2009
    New Braunfels TX
    Sounds as if you are buying used, I am not sure what you mean by "sports suspension" but if LBJ is correct you are looking for the Rallye version which has more travel and clearance like the GSA (vs the non-Rallye GS). I have owned GSA, GSA with factory low suspension and ridden standard GS. I much prefer the feel of the longer travel suspension of the GSA even on pavement but its personal, less suspension travel models will give you a more roadbike like feel but give up comfort and control as the roads get bumpier.

    I had 2007 GSA, 2016 GSA and now 2019 1250 GSA, none of them used any significant amounts of oil at high speed.

    And would definitely agree with your choice of BMW over KTM.

  10. ironsinker

    ironsinker Adventurer

    May 3, 2019
    Virginia, USA
    Another category I look at is which is the best to own. KTM was never a contender for me because there really are no dealers in northern Virginia and the one I know of will not let you test ride anything. KTM support in my area is pretty non-existent. The one KTM dealer never has new street bikes. I think his newest superduke is a 2015 model he can't sell. I visited other dealers and inquired about KTM. They said they don't wanna deal with them. I would love to test ride a 1290r, but not going to get the chance unless i take a long trek somewhere.

    I don't think KTM would not be a good bike for me to own. Hopefully you don't have the same issue in your area.
  11. Bentspokes

    Bentspokes Adventurer

    Feb 13, 2016
    West of weird
    Agree there are many pieces in this puzzle. I am a couple of months into a 1250 GSA. I really dig the bike everything about it, except one thing that I’m getting used to. When I’m ripping it in 6th and going 70 plus I feel there should be another gear I should be shifting to. But not a big deal just feels odd. I came off a 1190 adv r which I really enjoyed but thought I would do more off road riding then I ultimately would do. Also the 1190 had the following issues maybe specific to me:
    -engine heat was brutal
    -too tall for me
    -gas readout was a joke
    -tires and wheels seemed like they would be dicey on long trip
    -and as someone earlier had mentioned, support. The KTM dealer here was dicey and I never felt comfortable with the service.

    I think the beemer is fitting my style of riding now and think KTM makes a rip fricking engine but right now I’m digging the 1250.
  12. JerryJakarta

    JerryJakarta Adventurer

    Jun 14, 2019
    try it in heavy traffic, feel the heat
  13. Boxerbreath

    Boxerbreath 2017.5 GS Black Storm

    Feb 7, 2018
    Lost Angels County
    I agree, the only thing that bugs me about the LC is I feel at 75+ mph it feels like it could use one more gear.
    Either that or I wished they’d made 6th more of an overdrive spec’d gear.
    I haven’t ridden an R1200RS but I suspect it might have a higher 6th like an RT.