New Boot Shifter Clearance

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by ghostv, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. ghostv

    ghostv 2000 1150GS

    May 14, 2019
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    Just picked up a pair of light MX boots that offer improved protection for my feet/ankles etc. I like the boots and have raised the shifter on my ‘00 1150GS to just a speck under max adjustment, but shifting is still a bear and not as crisp as it needs to be. Is there a relatively cheap solution to getting additional clearance? Or am I looking at a $150.00+ solution (Pivot Pegz, Touratech adjustable shifter - although I am looking for height increase and not length increase that the Touratech seems to offer) I have read about some rotating the shifter fork on the splines, but I have already changed the geometry by using almost maxing the screw/ ball end adjuster.
    Just looking for some advice that might prevent me from opening the wallet too wide.

  2. lewisjr1

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    Sep 26, 2008
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    TT offers the only adjustable shift lever for the 1150 that I am aware of. Even that product can be hard to come by.

    Whether that's a U.S. vendor or a production issue unknown to me. Either way, the bikes are nearing two decades old, and accessory availability will inevitably trail off with time.
  3. PaulBarton

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    Apr 14, 2015
    when I got my first 1150GS I really struggled with the stock shifter and my Sidi Adv size 12. I happen to have a TT showroom nearby. I went there planning to get Pivot Pegs and their adjustable shift lever. The shift lever was backordered. Regarding the Pivot Pegs they explained that the PP installed slightly higher than the stock height but the pivot action may allow for improved clearance. He explained that the Fastway Adv pegs (EVO 3) would mount 3/4” below the factory height. I felt this was better ergonomically for my 6’ frame too. They were also about $50 cheaper than the PP.

    I have been very happy with the fastway pegs. The shift lever took forever to come in. I really struggled with 1st-to-2nd shifting because I nearly had to have my boot vertical to release the lever. Once I got to third there was more room. I finally got tired of waiting and posted a want ad in the FM here. Within a couple of hours a guy said he might have what I’m looking for. He sent me pics and then sent the piece to me. Told me if I got it and that’s what I wanted then send him a check for $25.
    I received it within 2 days (on a Saturday) and installed it before I could even send the check out.

    I now have that same lever and pegs on my 02 GSA. Ironically, TT sent me a notice the following week saying it had come in. They no longer show it on their website but if you call they may still have mine on the shelf ;-)

    I don’t know of any others making them for the 1150. You may be forced to the FM or similar but I would suspect the lever is a minimum need for you. My experience with the Adv boots was that even with the lever adjusted to its highest position, I still needed the lever extended. While it was “higher” it was still hitting my boot on top versus toward the toe. I had to consciously think about my boot placement when shifting in lower gears- which is less than ideal.

    Depending on your boot length, you may be able to get away with the lever at its highest adjustment and the fastway pegs to make enough room for you.

    in terms of pegs, I also like the BDCW pegs. They are 1/2” lower than stock but are still a couple hundred bucks.