New Brunswick campgrounds/tent space Sept

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Boondox, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Aug 4, 2007
    Northern Vermont
    Barley, my exceptionally well-behaved golden retriever sidecar companion, and I will be traveling from Vermont to Cape Breton Sept 2-3, and back Sept 9-11. Not sure at this point if we'll be passing thru Fredericton and Moncton, or thru Saint John and then up the bay. I normally take the St J/Digby ferry, but they insist that pets stay in kennels on the vehicle deck and I won't do that to my little guy.

    Since it's hard to get a feel for a campground on the Web, I'm looking for reviews by locals or others who might have first hand experience. And if someone who's not on the Tent Space list needs a dog fix, please speak up. Will trade beer for tent space. :D

    Pete (and Barley)