New Doubletake Mirror- the Scrambler

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by neduro, May 3, 2020.

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    Doubletake Mirror has a new design available: The Scrambler.

    Here's the Press Release:

    We saw a need for a compact mirror, that offers the stability of a short stalk and the ease of
    folding of a round shape. The design we settled on - our new Scrambler Mirror - is a great
    solution for small bikes wanting a folding mirror, urban bikes that will benefit from the
    adjustability and unbreakable design, and dualsports that want the classic look of a round


    I've been running the Scrambler on my R9T, where the styling wasn't right on either the Enduro or Adventure, and I'm thrilled with how they work. The visibility is great, the mirror doesn't move around, and to me, they look right.

    I also have been running it on the KTM 450 in the first picture. In that application they are more stable than the Enduro due to the short stalk, but have the same ability to fold completely away. Overall, I think they are a good compliment to the products we already make, but then, I'm biased.


    You can also run them with the longer 6" RAM arm, which does a better job of getting the mirror farther out when extended. That would be my choice on an adventure bike, or for a bigger rider who needs to position the mirror farther out to get a clear view behind.


    Price is $30 per mirror, or $50-60 when you add RAM components. We have everything in stock and ready to ship.
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    Love my double takes but the short stalks may be the ticket for me! Thanks for posting
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    Scrambler Mirrors may be my salvation? Have a set of Double Take Adventure mirror on long stems. The round mirrors are much more pleasing to my simple soul...Will now be on the lookout for a pair of 4" round mirrors.