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    Is there retail outlets (e.g., sporting good stores, big box, etc.) that sell replacement CO2 canisters? I want to fly with the jacket but of course I have to leave the CO2 cartridge at home. Looking online, I gather these things (60 gr) aren't readily available. Suggestions?
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    The 60 gr CO2 canisters can be hard to find. I had the same problem trying to source CO2 cartridges when I was in Mexico. My advice is to contact Helite directly. They said they would mail them anywhere I needed, as long as I could give them an address to send them too. Revzilla might also drop ship them to you (or forward them to a friendly motorcycle store along your way).
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    Just wanted to say that I recently purchased a Turtle 1 vest and have been very happy with the service from Helite-moto. I sent multiple emails before the purchase, and several after... response was within a few hours or less. The build quality of the vest appears to be top notch, good materials and attention to detail. I hope to never use it in anger, but feel better adding one more layer between myself and the cagers and deer.

    Fit wise, I'm just a hair under 6 foot and a fluffy 235 lbs. I went with the XL-L and probably would have been happy with an L-L as well. The XL-L is plenty long, riding just above my belt buckle in the front, and down almost to the bottom of the pockets of my jeans in the back. My impression is that the vest rides up a good bit on inflation and the XL-L should protect my hips quite well. The vest is comfortable and seems to fit well while seated on my Versys. I thought with the length of the vest that I would be sitting on the tail, but that was not the case. I was also concerned that the back protector might ride up since the Versys has a pronounced step to the pillion, but again, that wasn't an issue.

    As for girth, I wear a 46R jacket/38 waist and more than my share of beer-belly. The XL-L fits just right with my Roadcrafter and a mid-layer, with the buckles adjusted just as the vest ships. I don't have much adjustment room smaller, but plenty of room to add more layers.

    I waffled a bit on trading it in on an L-L as the vest seems huge, but after trading emails with Patrick and sitting on the bike, I decided to stick with what I have. I looked at a lot of pictures of the Turtle on google, and my impression is that many folks run a vest that is a little too small, with the tail riding up to the lower back on inflation. I want my hips to have more coverage so I decided to stick with the larger vest.

    Two thumbs up for a great product and great service!
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    I decided to stick with black instead of neon. The Turtle 2 arrived last week from MaxMoto and fits great over my BMW AirShell Jacket which is neon yellow and still provides good visibility without looking like I'm trying too hard...

    I'm 5'11" 195lb 32w x34l pants. I went with the Large T2, it fits good but could have easily gone with Medium as it's adjusted as small as possible.
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    Been running a hi viz turtle 2 vest for several months now. Great product, I'm thinking of getting their jacket as well for cooler weather riding