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Discussion in 'Vendors' started by GeorgiaGPS, Feb 6, 2007.

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    Dec 12, 2006
    I have been thinking about items that you guys might be interested in - I have really enjoyed working with the folks on this board. I had a thought. For those of you off the beaten trail I have begun to sell solar products for charging portable handhelds, as well as products that you can use to keep a charge in batteries for vehicles you don't drive that often.

    The first is called the Solio:
    It is ideal for charging all of your portable electronic gear - including GPS's, iPod, cell phone, etc...

    We currently have it for $84.99 in the universal kit - comes with all the tips and connectors (including a 12v).

    I also carry the ICP solar line - the model that is really cool is the se-135 - it's $29.99 and is ideal for maintaining the charge in a battery (car, boat, bike) that isn't used that often.

    Here is a link to their site:

    Let me know if anyone is interested! I thought these might be a good fit for the crowd here!