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    Hello everyone, new guy on the forum here. I'm from O'ahu, HI. I just bought a Kawi Super Sherpa. I took the plastics off and gave them, as well as the front forks and tank a scrub with some 200 grit and a nice spray with primer and Krylon Camoflauge paint (Super Flat Black). i took it out to the trail on Ka'ena Point today, coming from the Dillingham side. I didn't get out of the house until almost 6PM, so it was dark when I reached the trail. Freeway speeds were 55-70 on the way from Honolulu to Dillingham Airfield. I did stop for a little break near Waialua before the sun set and took a couple of pictures. It performed admirably, and I believe that I did as well for my first ride, which was in the dark with almost no moonlight. I kept speeds around 15 mph. I did a couple of hill climbs, on which the bike stalled out a few times. Is there any way to prevent this besides getting more heavy on the throttle? Out and back a couple of miles, almost to the gate that is impassible for anything bigger than a mountain bike. I did feel like things got a little dicey at times, but I feel that is a combination of the dark and my inexperience. Can anyone point me to a thread that has a listing of some good bike trails here on the island? I've heard that there is a motocross track at Kahuku, but I'm not sure if my bike would be well suited to that.[/BR]
    I tried to attach the GPX file for the point from where I took these pictures, but I couldn't get the uploader to work.
    When reassembling the bike after paint. I noticed that I was missing one of the rubber grommets where the side plate attaches on the front on the right side of the bike. Does anyone know where I can order one of those besides the local dealer?
    I look forward to some great reading on here. Thanks for organizing this site and sharing all your knowledge and experience!
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    Thanks for the intro.. we look forward to your Hawaii exploration ride reports :thumb
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    You Suck (I'm so jealous). I lived on Oahu in the late 80's. Back when you could jump off the bridge in Haliewa, the rock at Wameia, lounge in the toilet bowl, hike Sacred Falls, swim in Wamea Falls, hike the Wainae Uke range and ride your motorcycle just about anywhere you wanted to try (excluding military areas).
    I visited a few months ago - idiots past ruined a lot of what once was.
    The Kahukus had some of the best trail riding - this was a long time ago - I would check to see if the trail riding is still possible. Enjoy year round riding in paradise.