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New Safety Gear You’re Considering

Discussion in 'The Perfect Line and Other Riding Myths' started by foxtrapper, May 12, 2020.

  1. foxtrapper

    foxtrapper Long timer

    Sep 6, 2011
    Technology marches forward, and there is new, or new”ish” gear and equipment out there.

    So I thought it might be fun to say what new toys were dazzling our eyes, and why.

    Keeping it friendly, and with humor and tolerance.

    I keep looking at those inflation vests or jackets. The idea of instantly turning into a stay-puff marshmallow in a crash seems like a darn good idea. With the improvements in neck bracing. It seems better still. Apparently they aren’t the hot rubber suits I fear them to be. Some of the touring jacket models are getting right affordable. They have the armor too, which I *really* like having, along with the inflation bladder(s).

    That said, I’ve never seen them at the shows, or at any dealers or shops to try on.

    I’m also seriously considering replacing my Nolan helmet with a 6D helmet. For the brain trauma protection it offers. I’ve been concussed multiple times in my life, pretty severely sometimes. It’s gotten right dangerous for me to have any more. Of the 6D helmets, I’d probably go with either the ATR 1 or 2, because I really like wearing dirt type helmets.

    I did find a shop that had these in stock, and they seemed to fit my head pretty well.

    so what are you thinking about or window shopping?
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  2. Rider2

    Rider2 Been here awhile Supporter

    Jul 20, 2014
    Looking for a unicorn: 4 season gear, good for 40 (I don't do cold any more) to 120, ventilation that works behind a GSA windshield, totally waterproof without a separate liner. I really like my 1-piece Roadcrafter but the leaky crotch is a serious downer. I don't want separate rain gear that needs to be packed and unpacked and takes up space when it's packed.
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  3. moxford

    moxford Adventurer

    May 6, 2011
    2018+ Klim Badlands Pro. Hands down, pure win. Downsides: cost, weight.

    Okay, have not had mine on in 120, but it did great in 105 behind the fairing of a big 'ol Electraglide (and under an airbag vest, don't judge me.)
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  4. AdvNener

    AdvNener Long timer

    May 29, 2013
    Marseille, France
    Also looking more and more for the airbag torso/neck offerings (for street riding). They seem to have improved through the years, cost less, several different manufacturers...
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  5. markk53

    markk53 jack of all trades... Super Supporter

    Dec 20, 2007
    Delaware Ohio
    Just sprung for a Bell MIPS MX9 dual sport helmet - under $175!
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  6. 9Realms

    9Realms Drawn in by the complex plot

    Jul 23, 2010
    Central Minn.
    I got a new helmet lately. My old one was new in 2004 and I figure it no longer owed me much. The HJC line is the only 'lid that is round enough for my (enormous) melon.

    New one has a lot of white on it which I like, and all the colors are flat-finished. The size is so big I won't publish it.

    It's as big as the back of a PRIUS. Fits well, better ventilation than the earlier HJC I had.

    But the white parts will be so slimming, right? :-)

    my new HJC-lid.jpg
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  7. windblown101

    windblown101 Long timer Supporter

    May 17, 2010
    Star Tannery, VA
    I wish you luck on your quest! I gave up. The only set up I've found that covers those types of extremes well are layer based. The single solution setups that could keep me warm at speed in the cold and wet made me absolutely melt or ride without any armor and with a bulky jacket strapped to the bike in the hot technical stuff.

    Lightweight layers are simply more flexible and don't take up a lot of space because no one layer is bulky. This was my set up for a long trip last year where I encountered wet and sub freezing (slightly) weather up to 100+, and rode everything from interstate to single track. I only needed one set of upper armor as I could shift the armor between the jacket and armored jersey and that meant whatever I wasn't wearing could pack small.

    Sidi Adventure 2 waterproof boots
    Klim Latitude pants in Grey
    Klim Carlsbad jacket in Grey
    Moose Racing XC1 armor Jersey w/removable armor
    Merino wool light weight base layer (I find these to have a much larger "comfort" range than any of the synthetics I've tried)
    Vented jersey
    Lightweight lined windbreaker (for off the bike in cool weather and under the shell in bitter cold wet weather)

    For riding without a technical element at high average speeds the heavy and highly vented setups like the Badlands Pro work nice thru a huge range of temps, but add in slow, hot and technical to the mix and forget about it...

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  8. Kommando

    Kommando Long timer

    Nov 28, 2006
    By the Great Lakes
    I like the Bilt Techno helmets. They fit my head shape, are DOT, are affordable and have a Bluetooth headset/mic built in. They don't fit my wife's head shape at all though. I have a dualsport model and a modular model.

    I like the CE-rated chest/back protectors offered now too.

    Armored gloves are great.

    I have jackets and pants with mesh chassis, but textile panels that zip on for when temperature drops. I wish more mfrs offered garments like this. Mesh is WAY better than vents.

    Frog Toggs breathe better than any other raingear I've tried.

    I like the armored kevlar-lined garments that look like casual clothing, like cargos, jeans, and hoodies. I can wear garments like that during my day and quickly be geared up to ride by just putting on a helmet and gloves.
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  9. C/1/509

    C/1/509 Think for yourself

    Jul 21, 2006
    Air bag of one kind or another. I like the way the technology is going.
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  10. Big John Sny

    Big John Sny Long timer

    Jul 3, 2009
    Irving, Tx
    My sons work sells it. It is amazing and there is even more stuff on the horizon.

    I was looking at the armor in my new summer jacket and have been thinking that I need to replace the armor in my winter/spring jacket. It is not that expensive (a lot cheaper than new gear) and the armor is thinner, lighter, more flexible, and more protective. A good, cheap way to upgrade for my gear that is in good condition.
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  11. foxtrapper

    foxtrapper Long timer

    Sep 6, 2011
    Bear wrote a recent article about this unicorn you might find interesting.

  12. PrkChps

    PrkChps Mirth Is King

    May 2, 2011
    New England - Underrated MC Paradise
    Great thread. I am riding during the lockdown. I have started wearing Bohn armor, because local shitheels are stomping on the gas pedal, and I constantly smell weed from other cars on the road. I wear an armored jacket, and want to step up from my 3/4 HJC with a face shield, and grab a modular. I, too, suffer from head-like-a-pumpkin disease. (Insert advertising for sleazy law firm or big drug company.) So, modulars are a difficult fit. I like HJC, but may need to go to 3XL to get it on my squash. I also wear glasses, which is why a regular full-face just doesn't work. I use a Sena SMH-10 and would like to keep it. Hey, they are expensive... My wife rides too, and wears an armored jacket, kevlar jeans, and a 3/4 with face shield also, so I may end up buying two new helmets. We agreed we are heading out on a multi-day run as soon as someplace worth going to has open restaurants. While I am ranting about drivers smoking weed behind the wheel...I have (empirically) noted an increase in obviously impaired driving taking place far earlier in the day than pre-corona. As a rider, I hate this, but many folks are suffering terribly. Anyone else noticed this?
    Also...I ordered a front/rear motorcycle dash-cam, that arrived today. I need to figure out how to install it. The instructions are translated from Japanese and are in a sorta-kinda-English. If somebody nails me again, I want it recorded. Been down twice, both times hit by another vehicle.
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  13. neanderthal

    neanderthal globeriding wannabe

    Nov 26, 2006
    Here, but lost. Am I lost if i know i'm here?
    Blue tooth ear buds wit fantastic sound, in a small form factor, with active noise cancellation.
  14. AviatorTroy

    AviatorTroy Following my front fender

    Oct 15, 2007
    Castle Rock, CO
    I’ve been looking at the HitAir vests for awhile mostly for the neck protection but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger for some reason. Mainly cost vs benefit? A friend has the Helite and never wears it due to weight and lack of ventilation, I don’t want to make a similar 400$ mistake.
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  15. Tripped1

    Tripped1 Smoove, Smoove like velvet.

    Aug 6, 2009
    My issue is the tether requirement.

    Going by my record with heated gear I am NOT going to do well with a tethered system, and I really prefer not to carry around a case of cartridges.

    Both AlpineStar and Dianese are doing tetherless, but both come with a goodly number of compromises.....like the first gen Dianese stuff that sold you an airbag on a perforated jacket and THEN neglected to make it water proof. WTF?.

    Its something that I have been eagerly watching.....because I would love to incorporate the airbag tech into my street gear.
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  16. JaySwear

    JaySwear Been here awhile

    Oct 30, 2014
    Gaithersburg, MD
    Been looking for a good mesh jacket. I've had a REV'IT jacket for a few years that I've really enjoyed. Works great when it's hot (as long as I'm moving) and works fine with a sweatshirt under it. My biggest complaint is that it has "Ducati" printed on it. Thankfully it isn't a black jacket since I have it mainly for hot weather riding.

    It is however starting to stink a little. The white on the sleeves is looking a little rough and I think it's time to go with a nice mesh jacket that doesn't have a bike manufacturer logo on it. Looked at some Klim stuff, and I'm not opposed to going REV'IT again. I guess my biggest concern is getting to try it on first to make sure it fits well.

    I'd absolutely spring for airbag technology if it becomes affordable soon. Just worry about doing something stupid like tipping over in the driveway or tossing my jacket and watching as it turns into a pumpkin :lol3
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  17. foxtrapper

    foxtrapper Long timer

    Sep 6, 2011
    So what are the rumors of what’s coming?
  18. tarbaby3

    tarbaby3 Been here awhile

    Aug 18, 2009
    I took the plunge with a Hit Air vest as I went on blood thinners several years ago, 2017. It is a concession for my wife , makes her feel better.I am 65 for the record. She still worry's. The hard part with the tether is to remember to attach it to the vest , especially at gas stops, etc. A previous poster said that it is hotter and yes it is heavier, 4 lbs if I remember. I have ridden to Mississippi from mountains of NC in early Oct and Eureka Springs , Arkansas in mid August with an Aerostich suit . I also wear it with my mesh jacket, works for me. Yes , it is hotter, but there are tricks with cooling to try. Honestly, I feel naked with out it. I have it set so I am able to stand on my GS1200 and do dirt roads, no I am not doing crazy stuff. Falling off has major consequences for me due to age and Eliquis blood thinners. I don't carry extra cartridges for the vest. It takes 60 lbs of pull to trigger the airbag. Just my 2 cents , safe riding.
  19. sluagh

    sluagh not fade away

    Dec 7, 2019
    So if you forget and get off and start to move away does it inflate? Is that as traumatic as a car airbag?
  20. el Pete

    el Pete toda su base

    Mar 3, 2009
    colinas del norte, california sur
    Just picked up a Klim Krios Pro with the Koroyd protection. Have not had a chance to ride with it yet but my buddy has been rocking one for a year now and swears by it.
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