New to me 1976 DT400

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    Well I finally got back into dual sport riding.
    I got rid of my 83 XL600 after she left me stranded after too much time and substantial $$ put into her:deal.
    So 3 years go by and I have a good week @ work with major OT:clap
    Look in my local CL and found a 1976 Yamaha DT400 with 9600 miles for $400.
    Perfect, a buck a CC, just the way I like them.
    Went right over.Last tagged in 2008 but 2nd owner who bought it in 1980. Started up and ran after a few kicks.
    Put some dough down and picked up last night.
    A true barn find and a diamond in the rough but she has a tom of potential. Does not look to ever had a major accident.
    No bent bars or forks.
    A little cosmetic and fluid change and I will see how she goes.
    Tomorrow plan on getting new transmission and injection oil, spark plug, air filter and fork oil.
    Already got some paint to touch her up
    I still have chain lube hanging around.

    My first "legal" bike was a 1978 DT250. This was back in 1983:1drink
    Been a while but glad to get back on a Yamaha 2 stroke.

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    Jun 23, 2010
    I'm liking the barn fresh patina. I say just maintain it and ride it as is!