New Trail/Adventure Magazine for Oz?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Burren Rider, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Trevor S

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    May 1, 2002
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    Sidetrack seems to be mostly about getting on some new model bike with very often a small tank, getting someone in a Ute to follow you while you ride around or him ripping about his paddock on some bike or other.

    A mate has every Sidetrack that ever came out, flicking through some of the early ones made me aware there is a genuine lack of an Adventure bike mag. in the country. Like rock bands and people in general, we all go through change. I now read Sidetrack off an on (mostly off, there is better information on this site IMO then in Sidetrack) but it long ago veered away from being a magazine that holds my interest for very long. I read the odd artcile eg the review of the BMW 1200 was enough to make me realise it wasn't the bike for me. eg. I wouldn't consider a bike an "adventure" bike unless it could do 500km as a absloute minimum and if you have to be supported on a ride you might as well stay at home. I guess living down south where there are towns and fuel stops everywhere this is not so important as where I am.

    No doubt TK is a good rider and has done a lot for the local motorcycle community but that doesn't make him a good editor. I just hope the other guys do a more professional job.

    This is not to make a judgement on other riders or other bikes, as long as they are enjoying themselves, best of luck to 'em :thumb I hope Sidetrack lives long and prospers and encourages guys to go out an experience the country on a motorbike.