NEW Trailtech Voyager Pro - speculation and rumour

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by iggs, Oct 17, 2014.

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    didn't update 1.2 add track arrows?
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    I just finished a couple BDR’s myself and tried a few ways to route - iPhone w/ REVER, Avenza and Gaia; Garmin 680t and a Voyager Pro.

    The only thing voyager pro has over the others is showing bike sensor information and a slightly better user interface. Yes, you can track your buddies but they need a voyager. The map on the voyager contains little to no POI information, I couldn’t figure out how to scroll the map (if it is possible), doesn’t stay on once the bike shuts down and only gets enough power to run in the cradle, no information provided related to progress to check points or end of track, no turn by turn navigation on the roads, no on unit route planning, I also had some reception issues in deep trees and canyons where my phone and Garmin did not.

    Some of this has been brought up before but using it as an off-road navigation tool it falls short. You are only able to follow a line on the map. The voyager is good for a trail bike to get bike info but not as a GPS for Adv navigation. Much of this is supposed to be coming with an update that has been promised since release.

    I would get the Montana 700 with inreach. For just a few more dollars and more functionality.
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    Ok, all good info.
    My Voyager Pro has arrived! I’m spending some time on the new to device daily. It looks rugged and I’m flipping through all the features. I like the simplicity of it so far. I have completed an update, loaded several, learning to add way points with specific POI with Lat-Long. I have purchased the wall charger so I can have it charged in the house while Figure things out. Yeah, little details I have noticed such as gas stations. I’m adding those as I enter and follow my tracks in detail to see how they were imported.
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    Wow - I'm really torn here going back and forth, but for simplicity until this all sorts itself out, I'm buying the Kyocera and doing Rever, GPX viewer pro, Google and OsmAnd.
    Nothing does it all what we want - it's amazing that one company can't seem to get it right - you end up using a little of everything for the different styles of riding.
    It's hard to beat Google or Waze fore road riding, POIs etc. For offroad, I've been happy with OsmAnd and I'm looking forward to trying my new Rever Pro version....
    Then, as it goes, I rarely have time to ride more than around town of what's the use - definitely don't need to drop $500+ on a GPS. KISS for me.

    Update 9/6/20 - the wife got tired of me scouring the forums to find a solution and bought me an XT for my birthday...Pretty sweet of her.
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    What I really would like to hear from TT is that when they will give us the promised file transfer over bluetooth...
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    Two friends and I went on a recent ride (6 days BDR style riding and camping in the Cascades). All 3 bikes have TTVP that were bought and installed at the same time, in the spring of 2018.

    Since then we've done about 2 weeks of riding as a group. We have other bikes, and the ones with TTVP haven't seen a lot of other use. They are all stored indoors.

    On this past trip, 2 of the docks went out. The little pins no longer sprung up, and wouldn't make contact. For about half the ride, we had no dash on these 2 bikes.

    I contacted Trail Tech.
    First, they replaced the docks under warranty. No cost to me except install time. I have installed one. The other I haven't had time to. The one seems to now work.

    Second, TT recommends dialectic grease on the pins. My buddy installed them and I don't know if they were greased. This will now be part of my usual maintenance.

    Third, TT is working on a new, presumably more robust dock. There is no ETA on this. In the meantime, grease your pins!
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    I installed the latest firmware update. The ride time bug is fixed. It also seems to handle the Bluetooth to my sena and iPhone better too. Not sure if they made a change or I am imagining it is better.

    I just wish that the buddy beacon would come out. It’s been two and a half years so I’m thinking it’s a lost cause. If they aren’t going to make it, please open source the radio communications and I’ll make it myself
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    All i ask TrailTech to do is a Bluetooth remote too pair to the TT Pro make it safer scrolling through maps screen , settings etc on the fly

    Be nice to do this at thumb reach
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