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Sold New, unopened Cardo Freecom 1+ $70 (FS)

Discussion in 'Bike Parts and Accessories' started by lousgoose, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. lousgoose

    lousgoose Been here awhile

    Mar 19, 2008
    Got a Bold and never opened this one. Free shipping.
    031FA93B-CC07-450F-8EF7-20AEEA41CAE7.jpeg B23527BB-B4B0-40D3-B290-550B365C11FB.jpeg 088B729A-12F9-4954-B0CB-F5FFC1B03B4F.jpeg

    Factory specs:
    Cardo Freecom 1 Plus Single Headset
    The Cardo Freecom 1+ is a Bluetooth communication system for the solo or 2-up rider. It has slim 40mm speakers and a hybrid-style microphone that are compatible with most helmets. Take advantage of the built-in FM receiver or stream music from a paired smartphone. Additionally, use a paired smartphone for GPS navigation, making or receiving calls or setting up system preferences within the Cardo Connect app.

    • Intercom communication between passenger and rider
    • 2 Bluetooth channels to connect with phone/GPS devices
    • Phone features include make/receive/reject calls, speed dial, conference call with intercom, receive in-helmet navigation instructions from compatible GPS devices
    • Stereo Bluetooth (A2PD) for wireless music streaming
    • Parallel audio streaming so music and GPS instructions continue during intercom calls (Android only)
    • Customizable voice control technology (VOX) for different ambient noise levels
    • Customizable speaker volume (through AGC) for different ambient noise levels
    • Cardo Connect app compatible with iOS and Android
    • Customize setting and software updates through Cardo community
    • Multilingual setting menu and voice announcements
    • Hybrid style microphone
    • Slim replaceable 40mm stereo speakers
    • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
    • Up to 13 hours talk time
    • Bluetooth 4.1
    • FM radio
    Note: Includes a single charging cable but not a wall charger. Use any standard 5V USB output charger.
  2. lousgoose

    lousgoose Been here awhile

    Mar 19, 2008
    Five day bump and price lowered to $70 and FS.