New zealand 3 months early 2019

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    Planning a solo three month explore in New Zealand early in 2019 have been before but want a look on my own without the clutter of my immediate family. Have no specific reasons to do this other than we liked the place got family over there they like it, i wanted a good explore about see the place properly for myself.
    Looking mainly at the south island but may take a run up north if the fit takes me and if i think i got time.
    Do not have any firm plans just yet re bike but it could well be a Enfield sort of trials ed up a little for off road i will buy it over there with the intention of shipping it back here to the uk if A it survives me and New Zealand and B if its practical financially we will see.
    Have some family and friends near timaru and Gore and others up north Hamilton and in the Rehines, so have some insight and bolt holes if i need them.
    Looking at trying to tour just camping not wanting hotels if i can avoid it.
    A little green on the Enfield front in like where to buy one used best periodicals i know trade me is where my folks aimed me but must be more in the know on this forum re bike hunting than my friends n family over there.
    Local knowledge on where to camp where i am allowed to camp, Any areas im public ground i am not allowed to ride on the bike, Any permits i might need for DOC land, the friends talked about DOC huts But were not sure of locations and suitability for my trip.
    Any info you might feel relevant in my case would be good, and would save me a lot of research thanks in advance Matty.
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    So much to see on the north island which I prefer for riding, if you have 3 months can easy see both in that time, the distances are not big.
    Motels are expensive, AirbnB is expensive so if you can camp then will save a fortune and lots of camping grounds in NZ, listed online.
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    Hey Matty
    You're planning a long way in advance!

    Not sure if your still here but here's my thoughts

    3 months is a good amount of time, depending on when you come. June July August and usually September are typically fairly wet and pretty cold down south. If youre from north of Glasgow you might be ok but if not would not recommend it. So suggest you aim for October November December or March April May. Roads fairly busy January and February.

    If you have a thing for enfields you can get them here. I strongly recommend waiting until you get here and getting a secondhand bike. Your family are right, trademe is the place to go. There are heaps of options. Even enfields. You will get plenty of advice on what bike is best suited to the style of riding you like best over on the NZ regional forum glitch referred you to.

    Camping and Tracks.
    There are lots of campsites, the Department of conservation (DOC) sites are good. "Freedom" camping is becoming very unpopular. You will need permission to ride some tracks that are on private land. Depends where you are. I suggest you consult the locals in whatever bit of NZ you find yourself. There are regional threads in the NZ forum, populated by very keen riders happy to suggest and sometimes guide on their patch.

    +1 for posting on the NZ forum, no one in NZ will see this post here....except me that is! I was wandering aimlessly through the site...

    Good luck
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    Hello Matty
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