New Zealand Flea-market --Please read first post.

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  1. Russ

    Russ Let's ride.

    Jul 22, 2007
    So we don't end up with a pile of minor questions cluttering the thread up, If you have questions to ask the seller please PM the person who listed it and continue your negotions vis PM or email.
    Here is the thread for Kiwi's to sell or trade stuff, the sort of stuff that would be in the main flea market section, but specific to NZ

    The reasons for having it NZ specific are...
    1 - Would suit lower value stuff that is not worth getting in from overseas or posting to someone in a far away place.
    2 - We are more likely to know of the local brands, sizing etc.
    3 - No confusion over currencies
    4 - Most of us have internet banking so transferring money is easier than internationally and we can keep our credit cards safe.

    The rules are simply...

    If you have something to sell or trade that you no longer need you post a description, where it is, what you want for it and if possible a picture. Items are to be bike, camping, gps, camera related. No cars or other household items etc please.

    If someone is interested they PM you via the post you made and you make your own deal to meet behind the bike shed, post it, whatever.

    When you sell it, or simply bump it, go to "EDIT POST" at the bottom of your original post and then tick the "NUKE" box to delete the post, this way you don't clutter up the thread with things that are sold. Every 3 months or so the Mod may opt to delete all threads that are older than 3 months, usually with a weeks notice, as is customary in the main Flea Market.

    This should end up like an online trader section for those bits and pieces we collect, upgrade from, have left over when we on sell bikes... etc

    DO NOT post for unknown eBay sellers or advertisers in other places. If it is not you or your mates it does not belong here.
    If you sneak one in, delete it when it is sold.

    Not for Commercial Sellers, small time businesses run by, active inmates are excepted. Mods descision will be final.

    So we don't end up with a pile of minor questions cluttering the thread up, If you have a question on something, PM the person who listed it and ask them to elaborate their description.

    If you have some sort of "comment", find somewhere else to post it.
    Ads will be tidied up every 2 months.
    Mod Edit:

    Helpful Flea Market Ad Checklist

    Before submitting a post for your item for sale or trade, please take a moment to read through this checklist which summarizes some important Flea Market rules. The checklist is intended to assist you with preparing a complete ad that will best serve you as a seller and the inmates that might be interested in your items. It will also help prevent your post from being removed because it doesn't comply with the Flea Market rules.
    1. Is this item yours? It not, you may not sell it here.
    2. Are there links to outside sales sites? If so, please remove them before posting.
    3. Where is the item located? Please enter the city/state (and perhaps country as appropriate) where the item is located.
    4. Each item must have a value. If it's for sale, this is what the seller wants for the item. If you'd like to trade, then use the item's trade value. All items MUST have a value.
    5. Pictures and accurate descriptions help sell items. Add sufficient detail and images that a potential buyer will probably want when considering an item.
    6. Are you selling multiple offerings of the same item? If so, your listing may likely belong in Vendors where commercial sales are allowed.
    7. Are you selling firearms, weapons, or related items? These are not permitted in our Flea Market.
    If you're not sure about something, take a closer look at the more detailed Flea Market rules or contact a moderator. Best wishes with your ad!
  2. Voltaire

    Voltaire Titanium and Ceramic Hipster

    Jun 4, 2011
    Auckland,New Zealand
    Anyone got a pair of old Mini wheels 10” 4x 101.6 PCD? for a VW type 1 compressor that “mysteriously “ appeared in Wife’s garden.
  3. Muzz67

    Muzz67 Unadventurous

    Dec 6, 2013
    Brightwater,New Zealand!
    Gn125 , tidy, runs well. Will have new WOF soon. Reg currently on hold for winter.
    Surprisingly comfortable but not really a Grand Tourer to be fair.....
    Located in Nelson. $700. IMG_20200703_154228.jpg IMG_20200703_154017.jpg
    Cheers, Muzz.
  4. Mc107

    Mc107 Underwear sniffer

    Oct 2, 2016
    YAMAHA WR450 2007

    Road legal will come with up to date rego and Wof .

    Oil change every 5 hours since in my ownership

    New alloy radiators
    Acerbis 12.5L tank
    Steg Pegz
    Alloy Engine Gaurd
    Hand Gaurds
    Original petrol tank and plastics
    Yamaha Manual
    Spare oil filters
    Spare air filter
    Old front and rear sprockets

    call anytime in the week between 7am and 5pm after that ive no signal at home

    email or whatsapp is best for me

    Located in Upper Hutt, Moonshine



    20200827_174912.jpg 20200827_175008.jpg 20200827_175045.jpg 20200827_175519.jpg 20200827_180138.jpg 20200827_174625.jpg 20200608_171652.jpg 20200513_182850.jpg
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  5. snodpete

    snodpete Old n00b

    Apr 3, 2009
    The 'Coast, South Island, New Zealand
    My sorted 2013 KTM 1190 R 54,000km For Sale - $12,500 now on TradeMe - Every Adv rider need to try one of these machines at least once in life, this is YOUR chance :-)

    NOW priced @ 12K ono
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  6. neppi

    neppi Long timer

    Mar 9, 2017
    Tauranga, New Zealand

    R1100GS crash bars, pannier racks and staintune full exhaust for the same bike (or a R1100RS or RT exhaust with the low pipe).

    This is an excellenf change for you to get rid of the pipes and the bars that are always in the wrong place in your shed... ;)

    Worth to try anyway...

  7. RP67

    RP67 Adventurer

    Oct 8, 2019
    Christchurch, New Zealand
    Does anyone have a BMW 1200GS (2006) standard seat at home lying around, I have a nice Wunderlich seat for exchange (low I assume), or interested to buy it.
  8. KioKioAdv

    KioKioAdv n00b

    Jun 13, 2019

    Got an old or damaged Shoei Hornet Adv helmet?

    I need the bracket that holds the peak on, need the RHS one.

    Please pm me if you do! spread the word.....
  9. Takataka

    Takataka Been here awhile

    Sep 26, 2014
    Anyone want to swap some pivot pegs for originals (or similar) on 500exc?
    It's a 2017 (same as 2018 and 2019). Maybe same as 2020+ as well..

    Most people seem to like the pivot pegs but I don't really get along with them.
  10. huckinnz

    huckinnz n00b

    Sep 27, 2014
    Wanted Honda CBR300 Engine. Please pm me if you know of 1 around. Thanks Pete