New's year ride TX/NM

Discussion in 'Americas' started by yzfcathy, Dec 30, 2007.

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    May 9, 2007
    I posted up in upcoming and some Krusty dude suggested I try here. :wave Thanks Krusty.

    I am taking off tomorrow for Big Bend Nat'l park, then I'll wander up into NM and see if I can get to Gila Nat'l park before I have to spin on my heels back to Ft Worth.

    Anyone along the way that want's to show me their secret stash of great riding roads, post up. Or meet for coffee, whatever.

    I have another question someone here might know.........I looked at the map from Big Bend and see an interesting path through Presidio into El Paso on the Mexico side. Do I have to plan ahead for such a border ride into Mexico or can I do my favorite non planning ahead thing and just show up and ride across.