Niassa, Chucky Norris and John the Baptist

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    Re battery, that is the second battery you have had cause problems on a trip

    Now this could be just the luck of the draw on battery life

    On the other hand it may be an indication of a related problem which occurs with the F650GS Dakar, namely overheating and overcharging

    On both occasions you had problems it was after riding in extreme heat and at low speed & the battery is a sealed / gel cell battery

    When you delve into the tech / eng info on the different variations of sealed cell there are warnings that all these types of batteries dont take kindly to overheating & how they are more sensitive to this than conventional batteries the documentation mentions shorting of electrodes / plates

    I have never looked at the location of the battery on your model of machine but I gather from your comments you need to remove the cowlings so I am assuming it is above/behind the motor.

    A volt meter in the dash would assist in observing battery voltage to see if it rises during low speed / high temp condtions

    Some form of "insulation" around the battery to stop "direct" heat from the engine getting to the battery may be a simple solution to take the edge off the heat reaching the battery

    The location of the VReg on the F650 causes it to overheat & raise the O/P voltage & overcharge the battery, riders in Oz, SA and hotter US states report the need to constantly top up conventional batteries on the GS & I noticed some fitting sealed units to the GS reporting relatively frequent battery replacement

    Not saying the above is the cause of your problems but perhaps worth considering since the failures have caused you a little grief with the longer trips into remote areas
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    And yes, I'm a few years behind on your missives. Well done, and I appreciate the honesty...these jaunts are quite special and you are a fine writer and photographer.

    Cheers -
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    Like all of the other MJ ride reports I have read, this one is totally insane. Not in a million years could I see myself doing a ride like this but it's a fascinating read so I'm bumping it back up to the top.