Northern eXposure - gold roads, wilderness trails, and bacon.

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    You are a skilled rider and just as skilled at doing ride reports. Well done. Enjoyed much and all the best as you ride forward. Merlin. Prince Edward Island
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    Just a quick head-up for anyone within striking distance of Mariposa California this weekend - I'll be presenting two seminars at the Horizons Unlimited Travellers meeting - the first is my latest Packing Light show-and-tell/Q&A session, scheduled for Friday morning at 11am. I'll be sharing my experience and suggestions for packing light for a typical extended adventure ride with an off-road and trail bias, with my trusty CB500X as the backdrop of course.



    The second is a science fiction double feature - Part 1 and [the debut of] Part 2 of my huge trip last summer on the G310GS, featuring highlights of some of the best dual-sport and adventure riding in North America - including sections of the Trans-America Trail, the Moab trail network, some of the best Colorado high passes, and sections of the various BDR routes all over the west and north west. A particular highlight is also my cross country blast to Toronto and back for some off-road riding in Ontario, plus my own exploration route/s through Wyoming and Montana. This audio-visual double bill is scheduled to start at 10am on Saturday 28th September.

    As another treat, Juan Browne (Blancolirio on Youtube, and Visualizerent here on ADVrider) will also be attending, and we're planning a couple of afternoon trail rides in the local area.

    So if you're already planning on attending, or simply fancy a last minute weekend away in some awesome scenery together with some equally awesome people, do check out the Horizons Unlimited website/forum for details (note that online registration is now closed), but if you contact them via email I'm sure you'll be able to sign up on the day.

    Hope to see you there!

    Jenny x
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