Northwest CT dirt road mapping quest

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    Yeah, maybe. Over the years I've figured it adds about 30 minutes getting to my usual riding areas of NW CT and western Mass. but that's only if I leave by 0500 on a weekday otherwise traffic negates all that and more. (Do I really want to get up at zero-dark-thirty to go riding?? :nah) And then when trying to make it back after an enjoyable day on two wheels I certainly don't want to deal with any of the city traffic or crossings trying to get back onto the island. Only way to avoid that I suppose is to extend the ride until after rush - what maybe like around 2100? - and that makes for a very long day.

    With the ferry the only traffic I'm dealing with is whatever I hit on Nicholls Rd and the LIE as I make the hour ride home w/b from Port Jeff. And the time spent on the boat allows me to have a cup of coffee and maybe breakfast before "commuting" to the start of my ride. Yesterday for instance it took me 25 minutes from Bridgeport to the beginning of the track. Sure beats the Cross Island and the Hutch any day even if it takes a tad longer. And as far as costs, I figure maybe half a tank of fuel and tolls account for about half of the ferry charge so net to me of roughly $15 or $20 for a much more enjoyable start and finish to my rides.

    Not trying to sell you on anything though. I realize that I'm talking about day rides here wherein you might be looking at full weekends away. I also don't know where you're starting out from so maybe it just doesn't make sense for you. As the saying goes - YMMV.
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    I'm glad it's open for bikes to go through the gate...I thought I was doing it all year illegally I felt like a bad I live in Port Jeff so the ferry is perfect for me also ....used to drive around 5am 20 years ago but those days are over for me not worth it