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    Feb 2, 2011
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    Last fall I broke the wrist of my primary hand kinda badly, and it needs surgery to fix properly. It was caused by an unintentional interface with the side of an ATV while trying to avoid a head-on collision while on a trail ride.
    About a dozen of my friends, split about 50/50 between ATV's & dirt bikes, were spending a weekend riding some wooded hills near me. While cruising down a narrow two-track, I met up with a train of ATV's going in the opposite direction in a blind corner (LH for me.) We all braked hard and moved to the right- there was adequate room to pass safely. Unfortunately, the lead ATV locked up his brakes and hit a mud puddle at the same time. The resulting skid killed my primary escape route. I dove for the opposite side of the ATV and came up about 4" short. The resulting impact gave me this: IMG_4924.JPG
    I'm on a mission to find a very specific surgical repair item for my doc. The stuff he was scheduled to use to fix my wrist was used up by another surgeon two days before my scheduled surgery.
    If any of you inmates are orthopedic surgeons or work procuring surgical supplies for them, please PM me!