Not a faceplant, more of a nose bump!

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    Went for a dualsport ride on my klx250 the other day. I was on a narrow 2 lane road with a blue SUV right in front of me and a tri-axle dump truck in front of the SUV. We come up to a stop sign at a T intersection. Just about 10 yards before the stop sign was a driveway on the right that has an angle of about 130 degrees to our direction of travel, far too much turn for the dump truck to make. Therefore, the truck stops, the SUV stops, and I stop, as it turns out, I stop too close to the SUV!!

    You may have guessed what happens next, the truck starts backing into the,driveway and the SUV panics and starts backing up. Before I kow it I'm being pushed backwards before he realized I was back there! I didn't go down, but it sure scared the S*** out of me. No damage done, but a lesson learned on stopping too close behind a car!!
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