Not a ride report: The Sapphire Rally

Discussion in 'Australia' started by lemmiwinks, Jun 15, 2004.

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    ozadvntr Planning that trip, again

    Sep 15, 2002
    Queensland, Australia

    I agree, the longer time frame would be better however, currently it is a luxury I cannot afford (lots of other things happening).
    I have family commitments later on in Sept (17th - 30th) and I also hope to ride to Bathurst in mid Sept (12th - 13th) to catch the start of the Aust Safari something I really enjoyed last year.

    It is a long way from anywhere to cover in a couple of days, currently I plan to leave Toowoomba Thursday AM for Eulo. Overnight there, then Innamincka by Friday night. Saturday rest and catch up with some others then depart early Sunday for Birdsville then Quilpie, home Monday PM. About 3000km in total. Day 1 and 5 will be fairly straight forward whilst day 4 will be the hardest.

    I can only see how it goes, If I get tired, I will stop. I plan to be self sufficient as much as possible.