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Novice ADV'er first multi day...

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by mcpenner, Aug 17, 2020.

  1. mcpenner

    mcpenner mcpenner

    Sep 26, 2009

    Correction: On Day #3 I say "Butterfly Creek". It should be "Hummingbird Creek".

    Alberta Forestry trunk road #40
    I've been lurking here on ADVrider for many years but this is my first true ADV trip. On the Weestrom I would do a little forestry road now and then but my travel was truly highway touring. I bought the CB500x (with Rally Raid upgrades) primarily for riding local gravel roads. Even on this holiday my original plan was to take the street bike and do 3000+ highway kms to see my brother. Just before my holidays the huge triple pain picture window arrived and I decided to take a few days and a few friends to install the heavy thing in my house. (happy wife = guilt free travel time) With less days available I changed plans and packed up Rooxy for the back country. My goal was to travel the entire length of the Alberta Forestry trunk road #40 from Hinton to Cochrane with the possibility of a few side roads.
    Day #1
    I got a late afternoon start so I was able to run about 400kms of pavement to Drayton Valley. Not to bad with the cut down screen but I would either want a quieter helmet or a Madstade windshield if I was going to go the distance on the pavement.
    Day #2
    I got on the road early and finished the pavement portion to Rocky Mountain House before breakfast. Then I 752 into the woods. The pavement ended and I turned south on #40. I was in no hurry and I made it through to Cochrane for dinner and gas. Then I backtracked on the pavement (#22) north to Caroline before going west again onto the trunk road to find a place to camp for the night. It got very windy and rainy during the night, but I slept just fine in my Hennesy Hammock.
    Day #3
    Wet roads and not much I wanted to do. I traveled north to Ram Falls - took in the falls and warmed up in the sun - road down the Butterfly creek road to the end and then came back a bit to camping spot. I spent a glorious day sitting on my chair by the creek - I felt my inner balance returning as the day passed by.
    Day #4
    North the Nordegg. Then I decided to test the 50/50 tires out on the pavement. I aired them up and took highway #11 north past Abraham lake into Jasper national park. I always love this road. The lake was higher then I've ever seen in and the mountain heights were cool. I went north on #93 to Jasper, parked my muddy little CB500x beside a sparkling clean KTM 1190 ;-). In the end I left without eating and head east on the yellowhead #16 to Hinton for dinner. At dinner I was in communication with my wife and found out that our daughter in Toronto had gotten a job. She was about a week away from having to move home because of the virus so this was great news. We decided to fly her home the next day for a visit as we did not know when we would next be able to see her. So, change of plans again! I need to get home. I had planned to ride a few Kms out of Hinton and camp but I high tailed it all the way back to Nordegg, finishing the last leg of the trunk road, and got an overpriced room. It turned out to be a good choice as it froze overnight and hammocks are not good when it gets that cold.
    Day #5
    Rocky to Red Deer to Stettler to home. All pavement, all great fun but nothing much to report.

    Rooxy did great! I did OK. The tires leave nothing wanting in my opinion on all the surfaces I traveled. I did change tire pressure when going from pavement to gravel/dirt and back.
    I'm OK with cut down wind screen. No buffeting in any conditions. If I planned to do a lot of longer distances on pavement I would either want a quieter helmet or I would get a Madstad.
    The Rally Raid suspension did not disappoint. I did not drive fast or crazy (not much tire spin or slides as my skill is not there and I was solo). I could hit washboards at any speed, it didn't always feel good but Rooxy never lost her composure or line.
  2. phreakingeek

    phreakingeek Big Ear Inc - Virginia Provider Super Supporter

    Sep 17, 2010
    Thanks! I enjoyed your RR.