Numerous problems with SuperLinks chains

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    Oct 9, 2006
    In April/May, I ordered three chain kits ( SuperLlinks chain kit) plus additional spare master links from

    Late June, we left (4 KLRs) Calgary for Prudhoe Bay all with brand new chains/links and sprockets. At about 3500 miles, one of the KLR (1) broke his chain:cry . The master link was found broken. No damage caused and we replaced the link.

    At about 4,000 miles, a second KLR (2) (different bike, different installer) broke his chain :eek1. The master links again broke. This time some limited damage occurred with the chain guard, case grinding, engine blockage and a cut wire.

    A third KLR (3) (mine) was having the exact same set-up (installed again by a different person). I inspected the chain and found that one of the chain roller was broken and the roller sleeve was missing. As a precaution a new Master Links was installed until I can find some better replacement.:puke1

    Upon arrival at Whitehorse, we obtained three DID master links which we immediately install to replace the suspected links.

    At 6,500 miles, KLR no. 2 broke one of its sideplate :yikes(not at the master link but adjacent to it). We had to grind off the defective link, find a used inside link and tie it up with some master links to allow him to return to Calgary.

    It appears that there are some serious deficiency with the SuperLinks chain provided by Batch problem, lower quality chain, i do not know. I heard that many people have been using these chains in the past without problem. However, I received a note from another KLR user in Quebec that he recently had the same problem.

    Three bikes having the same chains/link/sprockets installed by three different persons all broke their chain between 4000 and 6000 miles. We were kinda lucky that this did not turn into a major problem.

    When we installed the DID links, it was obvious that the design was completely different. The DID link sideplate was pressed fit onto the pin while the SuperLinks ones were not.

    I though I would just pass on our experience.
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    the chain issues are symptomatic of the kind of stuff they sell at that site. They have some good stuff, but a lot of what they sell is knock off stuff sold as quality parts.

    They are known for copying quality stuff and replicating it as cheaply as possible.

    I'm sure there are those that have bought from them with great results. I guess it depends on the parts and the brand. I for one will pass on anyting they sell.
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    Feb 10, 2008
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    I tried one of their chains a year ago, because of a good review here. I won't buy another.
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    Pretty sad when a chain can't stand up to the POWER!!! of a KLR.
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    Jan 25, 2007
    They did have a batch of bad chain back then. I use their new chain on my KLR sidecar rig. But you know if you have a problem guys are good at making it right.