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    May 29, 2015
    picked up a GARMIN nuvi “660 NA” with “North America NT 2012.20 US & Canada” loaded. no cables.

    seems to be taking a charge and holding a charge. some quick questions please?

    how long should a good battery hold a charge?

    what is the slot in the back that appears to take some kind of cable? is it for a charging cradle of some sort?

    what is the reset button i the back? full factory defaults?

    what is the round brass fitting in the rear flip compartment? and is that the battery there on the door?!

    what other items should this have? a nuvi to USB cord? cigarette style charging cord? car mount? owners manual (downloadable online)?

    i’d like to sell it to recoup some of my investment in another unit this came with. any value for the unit with the maps??

    also, no reason to keep this if i have a refurbed zumo 550 or can i stick it in the truck and use it when the zumo is on the bike?!


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    If you go to Garmin website,there will likely be an owners manual you can download that will answer your questions.

    Can likely get 4-6 hours of battery alone use,depending on state of battery.

    Unit came with USB cable,charging cable and likely cigarette lighter cable when new.At least that is the case with my similar Nuvi 50LM.

    The Nuvi series are more car oriented,not weather sealed,so your idea of using in your truck is a good one.
    Some folks do mount them on bikes using a RAM mount or similar,can secure a sandwich or small freezer baggie over the unit for protection in bad weather.