NW AR OZAT on a TW200

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  1. cateyetech

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    Feb 4, 2014
    This is report of the sightseeing trip in Northwest Arkansas along the OZAT trail
    THANKS Cannonshot for setting this up!
    We had planned on doing part of this on the Ural but sometimes,
    so I decided to give this a try on the TW instead.
    Loaded up and headed out early Friday morning. I had planned on doing 300 miles a day but I was only able to do 200 miles a day because of all the sightseeing :)

    Leaving Russellville

    Entering the Ozark NF!!!

    I love this road, well I did :(
    It's turning in to just another Hwy

    Came across this in Jasper

    and this just across the street :O

    Steel Creek where I ate lunch, in the warm sun?
    1st time in a while I wanted to set in the sun, what a nice day!

    Then some more sightseeing at the cave park

    and from above :)

    Did I mention the weather!
    I saw several bikes out today :)

    and look at all the tents!
    There was some kind of fest going on at Mulberry Mountain

    more to come this evening
    gotta go feed the chickens now :)
  2. BigDogAdventures

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    Sep 13, 2003
    Mt. Vernon, Illinois
    I'm so glad somebody besides me has ridden this ride------anxious to read your story.
    For me it was the best ride a rider could do here in the Midwest---but I never hear of people riding it.
    And yes we can thank Cannonshot no doubt !!!!!!!

    Took me 2 tries to ride it all and then didn't really ride it all-------first time I had a medical emergency---the 2nd time it was the historic 100 year flood of most of the area and it was impossible to ride a lot of it.

    Love the beatle display in Walnut Grove------one guy seems out of place :lol3

    Rode a KTM 690 the first time and a Honda Africa Twin the 2nd attempt.
    You have a much better bike...............
    Got to get me a TW.


    Should a rode a TW:imaposer
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  3. cateyetech

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    Feb 4, 2014
    Hey BigDog :wave
    I read your Adventures on the OZAT
    and it was one of the things that inspired me to ride it!
    Thanks :)

    The next stop was Turner Bend store (skipped the Oark leg)

    I have been here MANY times, but this time I parked on the south end of the lot and
    found a sign that said MC parking only :)
    and a little trail up the hill to a little water fall!
    Then back north to a section of the TAT
    THAT I :raabia

    I stopped in at B Rock


    and a few other places along the way.
    The rest of the day I tried to keep moving but theirs's so much to see :lol3
    I drove around Lake Ft Smith And Devil's Den parks
    very nice! but no vacancy's :(
    so I camped just past DD along the creek, I liked it!


    and that ends the 1st of 2 days

    Screenshot (52).png
    What a great day it was :)

    more to come.
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  4. cateyetech

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    Feb 4, 2014
    Day 2
    I woke up early, made some coffee and watched the sun rise
    sitting in the hammock drinking coffee :*sip* listening to mother nature

    I pack up & roamed around down by the creek while I ate breakfast
    Then back on the move, well a slow move :lol3
    I spent a lot of time dinging around today.
    One of the first stops was in a left curve,
    on the right was a small pond and a bluff line full of caves :raabia

    One of the next stops was on the road when I met 2 TAT riders heading East from Oklahoma
    where they had taken a Dual Sport Rider Course :)
    Wishing them Good Ridding & Weather!

    I missed many photo opportunity's, I had to turn around to get this one :doh
    But I did get a few along the way :)




    I have always wanted to go to the Natural Dam, passed by on the TAT
    but today I did :) and had it to myself, I milled around here a good 30 minutes
    no wonder I can only get 200miles a day :thumb

    I have been having Garmin Fever, so I have been going between my phone & the GPS
    The GPS will try to reroute me and will not show Cannonshot's tracks and the
    phone won't move the map as I move, half of the time :cromag

    I was going down hill just before the Lee Creek crossing
    at a cross road, I was barely moving and had my hand on the phone moving the map
    when the front wheel hit a baseball rock, cocked the bar left and tumped me over :muutt
    All good I'm geared up, Nope pulled a muscle in the back of my left thigh :(
    I try to walk it off, but when I pick the bike up, WOW! :(
    Get the bike off the road and walk/ hobble around for 15 minutes.

    When I get to the bottom of the hill it's the Lee Creek Crossing and it's running pretty good
    It starts out 1/2 a wheel deep, the about mid creek it gets over the front wheel, then on the tank!
    The tail pipe bubbles a few times then the bike stalls!
    But now I'm 3/4 the way across and in 1/2 a wheel deep water
    I set their for a minute or so, so the air box can drain
    My kick starter came in the day before I left (it's on the work bench)so I can't check the motor for hydro lock
    I can't push the bike because of my leg, so I tap the e starter and the bike tried to start
    I give it some gas and hold the e start and it fries up :wings
    I let it clear it's self out and hit it again!
    This time I make it all the way across and the TW is running fine so down the trail
    parallel to the creek I go, going through several LARGE mud holes
    but they have sandy bottoms and are only wheel deep
    UNTIL the LAST ONE it comes up on the tank, but I made it through!

    WOW what a last 1/2 hour!
    NO video, during the tump over my camera came up pugged and I didn't notice it :(

    I'm on real road and moving again, enjoying the morning


    Well except for my leg and soggy boots :lol3

    I did make a wrong turn and rode 1/2 way down the Lee Creek go-around
    and back up too, so I crossed the creek and rode most of the go-around too :cromag

    All good though! :ricky

    I came across a little road side camp spot & pulled in and was goofing around when a dog came by
    then a truck came by as the dog cut into the woods just past me,
    the dog treed a squirrel, the fellers got out and headed toward the dog
    (they didn't see my YELLOW jacket & helmet when they went by, they were busy looking at the dog!)
    then just before I was getting out of their, bang bang-bang!!!

    Nice camp spot though :)

    Here is a video that has the hunt!

    That's all for now, been a long day of yard work!
    The last part to come soon, Good Night :snore
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  5. cateyetech

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    Feb 4, 2014
    Wow what a ride so far :)

    There is a road just to the left, I missed 3 times on a 4 way intersection :dirtdog
    But down one of the three roads I took, I stopped for a break to DRAIN my boots :lol3
    and rest my leg :arg After I found the right road I was on the move again, like a heard of turtles :-)

    More red road and cool weather :raabia

    Everyone thought it was a great day for a drive!

    The next long stop was the Ozark dam. Again been by here ? times & never stopped :nah
    But not to day! It's just another dam, right :lol3

    But I see another loop on the track?
    Off I go, well up I go!
    It's a park, a beautiful little park!
    With a better view :D
    Sorry no photos from here.
    I stayed here for a while, again had the place to my self :-)
    Then off the wine farm :lol3

    The back toward the house, East on Hwy64

    Screenshot (51).png
    This was going to be a 3 day 900mile trip
    BUT since I was only getting 200 miles a day
    and my leg was aching quite a bit
    and a big storm is forecasted for tomorrow
    and I'm 30-35 miles from home
    I bail and head home :dirtdog

    I have ridden from Ozark to Pairs many times
    and there is nothing great there, so when I start again :happay
    I will do the Paris to Briggsville track next
    and from now on I will take the RED DETOUR tracks!!!


    I'll post back here next time.
    Till then
  6. NJ-Brett

    NJ-Brett Brett

    Sep 8, 2010
    Southern New Jersey
    Great TW fun!
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  7. TheAdmiral

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    Apr 3, 2010
    Frosty Hollow, Idaho
    Looked like a lot of fun things to see. Yes, always take the "detour tracks". :D
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  8. SwampFox883R

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    Jun 21, 2010
    Summer Grove, LA USA
    My preferred way of travel :nod particularly when riding the TW or sidecar rig.

    Thanks for sharing the ride and pics. Hope the leg has healed up.
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