NW Wisconsin help needed!

Discussion in 'Regional Forums' started by moosey, Jun 16, 2002.

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    Jun 2, 2002
    Spooner, WI
    Here's the story...I've had my new 02F650GS since the last week of May and 2K miles later I'm wondering whether all of those ATV and snowmobile trails I pass are possible with this bike and my skill level (low). I've not ridden with anyone else off road and kind of wonder what is too much to handle. I'm getting pretty good in sand and gravel roads but balk at the rocky stuff. I've ridden some beautiful paved twisties around lakes and miles and miles of great gravel roads through the northwoods.

    Anyone planning a trip to NW Wisconsin? It would be great to ride with others and learn the limits of the bike and mine as well. I have a place on a great fishing lake with lots of camping spots or use of the gazebo. Miles and miles of sand fire roads just out the door. I have two fridges so cold beer won't be a problem!

    If anyone is interested, just let me know.