Oblong, Illinois - Camping and Riding!

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    Jun 8, 2020
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    Long story short, I've moved to Illinois from sunny Australia with my wife. I picked up a modded KLR650 from a fellow inmate and went on my first ride with a group of lads from here. Thanks for the invite!

    I rode from Champaign to Oblong. We camped two night and rode a full day in the Oblong area. Had a blast.

    I'm hoping to do a ton more rides. I need to throw a 685 kit in the KLR though and thats costing a fair bit more than I originally thought, but hopefully once thats done I can do Utah and the Kentucky Adventure Trail just to name a few.

    I've had a look at the rules and I think I can post this here. I run a personal blog and website, so instead of posting all my photos, video and story from the ride here, I thought I'd just share the link. Enjoy, Oblong was a good time and worth checking out if you're nearby.



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    Just ran across this Curtis. Nice video! We had a good day of riding @Kaveman Saturday's 2020 tracks. @Cav47 & @mr_10brook was the other two riders that day. That next day would had been a mess had we attempt those Sunday tracks that next day. Somehow 4-8 " of rain in two days does that! Good riding with you and sure it won't be the last time!

    Old 179
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    Nice video Curtis! It fun meeting and riding with you. Check out @Old 179 Southern Eye's Trail thread for some neat places to ride.
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