Ocotillo Wells January 23-26

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    BEFORE YOU READ: Inadvertently put up two threads on this topic. If you want to throw down an, "IN" check the thread by @Todd157k under the same title.

    Slapping together a loosely organized trip with @Todd157k to Ocotillo Wells for January 23-26, 2020. We rode/camped in Ocotillo last year and it was a lot of fun. Crowds were lite to non existent, no dust and due to recent rains, we had great traction. We rode Ocotillo, Truckhaven, Salton City, portions of Anza Borrego Desert State park and to Borrego Springs one day to visit the metal statues and have lunch. Was a total blast.

    Going to camp at Holmes camp off of Highway 78. Turn onto Wolfe Well Road from the 78 and take it straight to Holmes Camp, which will be on the first designated right turn you can make. Again, this is loosely organized. Ride with your friends or ride with new friends but always ride at your own risk and ride within your means. Remember, safety 3rd!

    Holmes Camp has flush toilets, pay showers, fire rings and covered picnic tables. There are markets near by but the closest gas (Blu Inn pumps were closed last year) that I know of is on highway 86S in Salton City. Best part of camping in Ocotillo Wells is, ITS FREE! Campsites are first come, first served. Holmes camp is pretty big but on the odd chance it fills up, in Ocotillo, you can pretty much squat anywhere you want in the desert. If you are bringing an RV and just have to have hookups, there are a plethora of RV parks in the area such as the Blu Inn, Leapin' Lizard, Desert Ironwood, etc.

    Riding in Ocotillo is a mix of hard pack, rocks, twisty washes and sand. For big bikes, there is Borrego Springs, Anza Borrego State Park and and a bunch of other places to visit. Bring food, water (there is no potable water that I know of in the campground) and whatever you need to keep your bike running.

    I'll be there by noon on the 23rd in a gray Chevrolet Colorado p/u with a green & white Rpod travel trailer. Riding a Husky FE501. Going to try to get a spot in the southern end of the campground. Hope to see you inmates in January!