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    Dec 14, 2004
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    Feb 14, 2005
    The weekend we attended the BMW Off road academy here in South Africa. I have ridden off road for about 3 months and decided to attend the introductory and well as the intermediate course, which was held from Friday to Sunday, lunchtime.

    When we arrived I was impressed with what I saw and after unpacking and get ready, we were all introduced as the group was 10 bikes, mainly all BMW 650, 1150 and 1200 GS including a smallish Yamaha TW farm bike.

    We were shown balancing techniques as well as various counter balance moves which help one get a feel of what the bike can do when road surfaces change. We discussed how a tyre reacts to the weight transfer and were amazed at what slope a big bike can ride along if ridden properly with the correct amount of gas.

    The next day we handled bike set up and puncture repairs as well as how to cope with obstacles, which you find while riding in the bush. We learned how to do emergency stopping on dirt, using both rear and front brakes and how to drift sideways if need be when stopping. We went through a small dam as well as some dirt flat track racing which was great fun.

    We then tackled the sand, rough ploughed sand, which forces you to counter steer and balance and later on we went to the soft fine powdery sand, which is a completely different experience. We learned to jump over a hole the size of about 1 m wide and 1.3 m deep. It looks worse that it is but also great fun.

    Then next morning you go out for a 40 km outride which you get to do all the things you have learned and practiced which gives you all the confidence needed to be a competent rider.

    Would I do the course again, definitely, I would recommend anyone attempting to ride off road, to do the training as it could save you lots of money and prevent you from injury to not knowing what to do in a certain situation.