Ohio Rider needs Help in Fort Nelson

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    Original Post in oilheads, to speed things up I started the thread here (it helps to be in Boston sometimes and get the early worm :lol3)


    Originally Posted by Britome
    My son and I are going from Ohio to Alaska. He hit a pothole and bubbled the tire and bent the rim. I got a tow to fort Nelson.

    I'm looking for a tire an rim to be brought/shipped to fort Nelson before we can carry on. Does anyone have any help to offer?

    This trip is truly an adventure I'm many awful ways. Any counsel or tire/wheel combo would be awesome.

    My reply

    OK I hope this helps. Your only quick solution is to throw large amounts of money at the problem.

    I have cross posted this thread in the Canada Forum. Please go voer there and update your situation

    As you know you are in the middle of nowhere for service so you will need to be very resourceful and it is going to be expensive

    It would help if you listed the make/year/model of your son's motorcycle. I gather your son does not have BMW roadside assistance

    A similar thing happened to a rider in the Iron Butt 5000 last year and we were able to find a dealership with a used bike in stock who were willing to sell the wheel/tire/brake disc combo off an RT they had in stock and a rally staffer rode the wheel up to the rider and brought the damaged goods back to the dealership I was involved in this rescue mission and paid for the wheel tire combo upfront and was reimbursed by the rider. I remember the cost being around $2400.00 it was an RT.

    You will want to buy all the parts, axle, bolts, anything that might have been damaged in the hit. otherwise you will have to go through this again. If you need a special tool to take the wheel off , order, rent or borrow one to be shipped up you will want to ship your wheel back tot he shop for your insurance claim

    Your best bet is going to see if a shop has a used bike in stock and will sell you the wheel tire combo off that bike (expect to pay full retail) and then put it on the bus to send up to you. That is what we did in the IB 5000

    First of all call your son's insurance company (I hope you did this already)and see if the damage to the wheel /rim is covered under his policy, this will help you out on the "spendy" part

    If you have to get a wheel in from the states there is no duty on motorcycle parts but your shipping costs will be very high and don't expect to see the wheel before Wednesday unless you can get an inmate to bring it across the border for you.

    This weekend coming up is a stat holiday in Canada so most everything closes Monday.

    If there are no in stock used bikes with the wheel, you might be able to get one in via overnight shipping to Vancouver and then get it on the bus up to Fort Nelson Saturday. This is important find out when the bus leaves for fort nelson and how you can get it shipped and delivered as fast as possible. Trust me on this we had a friend pay to have his passport shipped Kelowna to Vancouver by same bus express and they took 3 days to clear the envelope (long weekend)

    Here are your options

    Call Vancouver BMW Ducati factory dealership
    3061 Grandview Hwy
    Vancouver, BC V5M 2E4
    (604) 731-5505

    Linnea Burnham, Service Advisor

    if they have the wheel on a used bike

    you will likely end up speaking to Kelly Anderson the Controller a very nice fellow

    Bentley Motorrad factory dealership
    1110 Stevens Road
    Kelowna, BC V1Z1G1
    (778) 755-5540

    They open at 8 pm


    i know nothing about them.

    Pacific Yamaha factory dealership

    Richmond BC ('burb of vancouver)

    #1000 21000 Westminster Hwy.
    Richmond, BC Canada
    604 276-2552

    Note I would not be optimistic in Pacific Yamaha helping you, if they have the wheel and would sell it to you, you would likely need someone to get it to the bus station

    Shail's Motorcycles ( older BMW independent shop)

    1727 Powell St
    Vancouver, BC V5L 1H6
    (604) 266-7736

    In Alberta on Mountain time so are an hour earlier)

    Blackfoot Motosports factory dealership
    6 Highfield Circle SE
    Calgary, AB T2G 5N5

    Toll Free: 1-800-665-6735
    Local: 403-243-2636

    Anderwerks BMW (Independent Shop)
    #4, 3704 - 6th Street N.E.
    Calgary, AB T2E 6K5
    (403) 277-4269
    Fax: (403) 277-4244

    Argyll Motorrad factory dealership
    9055-63 Avenue N.W.
    Edmonton, AB
    T6E 0E9
    Tel.: 780-435-6811
    Fax: 780-437-3174

    Alaska (this is a big stretch in distance and shipping)

    The Motorcycle shop They have helped me out in a bind but this is really a last resort as it is too far I think

    400 W. Potter Drive in Anchorage. Potter drive is between International and Dimond Blvd and we are just west of "C" Street and east of Arctic.

    Our shop is open 5 days a week.

    Tuesday through Friday: 10:00am to 6:00pm

    Saturday: 10:00am to 4:00pm

    Sunday and Monday: Closed

    You can reach us by phone at: (907) 561-1165

    I hope this helps