Oil leak from gear position sensor?

Discussion in 'Dakar champion (950/990)' started by derm75, Mar 16, 2011.

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    So, a consideration to people who'd like to replace the oring with bike on the side. Either make sure the tanks are almost empty, or finish the job before the left one overfills the right one and starts dripping fuel.

    990 is heavy enough to pick up without sliding around on the fuel on the ground :/

    That being said, I've replaced the oring with a size that was slightly off, because that's what they had in store. It went in just fine, we'll see if it holds up. After cleaning the whole thing I'm actually not sure if the leak was the oil drain bolt or the sensor.
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    You don't need to lay the bike all the way over in my experience. I lean it against a wall to the right a little more than it leans on the side stand. Very little oil comes out.
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    Just did this. Replaced the o-ring only to discover oil was leaking through the silicone/whatever on the backside of the sensor itself...where the wires come out. Good thing I ordered a new sensor when I ordered the o-ring(s). Swapped it and all good. JB welded the backside of the old sensor as a spare.
    Something to look for if you replace the o-ring.
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    Check to make sure the plastic switch is not cracked (it's not obvious until it's under stress), mine had. I wanted to get back on the road immediately, so made an aluminium plate to support the switch. I reused the cracked switch and the old o-ring. It's been fine for 52,000 km

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    I'd order as many as years you plan on riding it, if your a higher mileage guy. I'm on the 4th one in there (41k miles) so last time I ordered 5, figured a lifetime buy.

    Some guy mentioned putting a dab of RTV in there? Does that work?

    Leaking around the wires? I would try two part epoxy, or RTV, and see if I could seal that up if I didn't have that part on hand.
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    >Some guy mentioned putting a dab of RTV in there? Does that work?

    previous owner did it, at undisclosed time in the past.

    after some time i had the bike it leaked, and i had to clean the rtv ( or sealand, dunno what that shit was) with a razor, at an akward postion, and had to put back a new oring. now it does not leak
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    How did u get that tang out?
    Doesn't that bolt go all the way through to the engine?
    I think the tang is stuck in there for me ...