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    Sep 13, 2002
    As for the complaints and stuff I'm more than used to that kind of stuff. I'm involved with Mt Baker Ski Area as well as the record label and many people that ski are extremely picky and bitchy:evil the snowboarders are fine with whatever.:1drink

    I was already planning a web store. It's right up my alley. My wife volunteered to do merchandising as far as sticking and shipping. It might be a really good fit.:):

    Fish maybe we should wait to hear back from the guy that already messaged you. But too busy to check the board? :dunno
    I thought it was everyones number 2 priority. Oh well lol

    I'm in a holding pattern as far as merch goes but i will work on the storefront. It would be cool if baldy could point ... say... store.advrider.com to my server where the store could live. Everything's eventual.

    I'll be circling in a holding pattern until I get the official "go ahead" from Fish and Baldy.


    I can't wait till I get my new Ohlins from Stig it seems like it's been weeks. But I just talked to him on Friday :cry I can't wait. I've destroyed my second stock shock. But I had fun doing it.:evil