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    In early May a buddy and I are flying into Salt Lake, renting 800GSs and riding down to Moab. We're looking to camp at the Moab KOA and do day loops into the surrounding area - someone told me there is good riding out there. ;-)

    We're both decent riders, but at 64 and 70 we do recognize our physical and skill limitations. This is kinda a bucket list trip.

    So now we're up to Navigation. On my 1200GSW I have the requisite Garmin Nav V, but also have a perfectly good Garmin 60CS...but I don't have the CD covering the Parks out West. (My computer also doesn't have a CD ROM drive but I can work around that).

    On inspection, the Nav V on the 1200 looks like removing it and using it on the rental 800GS would appear to be pretty difficult - unless I'm mistaken.

    So now I'm back to the 60CS....I note that there are countless tracks downloadable here - but are these overlays that require the Garmin National Parks Topo maps to be already installed?

    'Sorry to appear to be a dunce, but Garmin has never struck me as being intuitive - and yet I keep buying them......

    Thanks for any guidance.

    Northstar Beemer
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    You can get the free OSM maps to use in the 60.
    Here's a link - https://www.openmapchest.org/maps/united-states/
    Download for an SD card, unzip it, and follow these instructions -
    1. Unzip the map file that you downloaded from this site. You will have a file called gmapsupp.img.
    2. Insert your SD-card into your SD-card reader. If you don't have an SD-card reader you can connect your Garmin GPS to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure that the SD-card is in the GPS unit before you plug it into the computer.
    3. Open the SD-card with the file manager. If there isn't a folder on the SD-card called Garmin, create one.
    4. Copy the gmapsupp.img file into the Garmin folder on the SD-card. The folder name must begin with a capital "G".
    Or, you don't even need maps if you a using tracks...

    Those are pretty big bikes for Moab, lots of tough technical riding there.
    Lots of cool roads to ride and things to see in Utah though!
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    I also use OpenMapChest and it is great. It does have a few limitations though. 1-You have to download a whole country. 2-The maps are only available in one "type". 3 - If doing a big trip which crosses countries it won't route between countries. So, when I want smaller maps, or maps of various types like road, Topo, bicycle, or want to select a geography which can cross country boundaries I use http://extract.bbbike.org/. In the format you can select from the various types and then select on the map the area you want. Wait a bit and you get an email to download the file. Drag and drop on the Micro-SD card and you are good to go!