ole reliable-Teknic Freeway Hi=Viz jacket-gr8 in the cold!

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    Mar 20, 2011
    riverdale, ny
    i have the teknic freeway in hi-viz as my winter jacket.

    it is old. maybe 7-8 years.

    it has never let me down. it just works.

    it is sunny and cold here in nyc.

    there is a forecast of two snowstorms headed this way.

    i figured i should take the fjr1300 out and stretch it's legs since it could be a week before the roads are snow, sand and salt free. plus, i like to keep the gas tank pretty full during the winter months so there is less air in the tank and i can up and ride without thinking about stopping to gas up.

    the fjr1300 felt great. it is a very capable machine. i am now 7 months into it and it constantly impresses. yup, it is a bit nose heavy. yup, there are moments i look for a 6th gear (not need a 6th gear but look to shift into a 6th gear-there is a difference!)

    i suited up with a turtleneck and a puffy jacket under the teknic freeway. that was all that was needed. put the grip heaters on and spent 90minutes riding up and down the hudson valley.

    i am sure there are newer, better, safer, cooler, warmer, more capable jackets.

    but for me, the ole reliable teknic freeway gets the job done.

    BIG thumbs up.

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    Feel precisely the same as you. Had mine seems like forever. I even tried to find the last version before they went under to no avail. Very well thought out design.