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    Route 5 was fun and the Cascade DR is good too except alot of it burnt last summer. More info here @cgguy09 ORBDR | Adventure Rider (advrider.com) I'm headed across the TAT through southern oregon and onto the Rockies this July. Check out GPSKevin's routes. More tracks there for ya.
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    First, for your gas stops list (since we all know how much it sucks to count on fuel only to find out there is none). The Granite store closed March 2020, nearest gas is Sumpter. I was up there in Oct. 2020 and got the surprise and a pleasant round trip to Sumpter because I had enough fuel to make it another 20 miles.

    We had a small group of big bikes that did a loop out of Route 3, 4, and sections 1&2 of Route 5 last July. Our trip planner made a route from the southern end of route 3 to the start of route 5 across NorCal (Modoc NF) and we did a bare minimum of pavement. Our trip was 9 days. The goal with the loop was to be off-road as much as possible and get back to where we started without a one way slog of miles of pavement. Our group was a Tiger 800, 1290 SA, and a 1200GS so that is my perspective. I didn't do a full ride report due to either no time or general laziness but we had a blast despite the inadequacies of the OOHVA maps and GPS files so I'll post an overview of our trip here. It was all of our first multi-night BDR off-road adventure style trip. Our trip planner (on the 1290SA) spent hours on Google Earth and Garmin Basecamp planning the routes, alternates for either single track or bail outs, campsites, and fuel. We had a spreadsheet itinerary he developed with daily goals. I know this is directly opposed to other philosophies but it worked for us and we were flexible with the plan all along. It was aggressive for mileage but we kept to it with the exception we were always 1/2 off because we left Sisters at Noon on Day 1 instead of first thing in the morning. This basically meant our planned camping areas were out the entire trip.

    Our ride started with a meetup in Sisters and we took 20 to HooDoo Ski Area to start route 3 going South. We spent basically spent 3 days going South, 1 going West to East, 3 going North, and 1 going East to West. Going south, we camped near Mt. Bachelor the first night, along the Rogue River past Diamond Lake night 2, and near Howard Prairie Reservoir night 3. Rodute 3 was a blast and no real difficulties on a big bike and lots of double track. It is filled was some of the most beautiful scenery in Oregon. The exception is a road that fades to nothing before Prospect that cost us a couple hours trying to work the big bikes through only to have to backtrack when we couldn't get through the last 1/4 mile. I did enjoy it a little more once we got a little further South and there was less crowds. Starting on a weekend in Central Oregon when COVID lockdowns were just lifted meant a LOT of people out and about! Route 3 was the only section we saw people other than in towns.

    The route across NorCal was great but took a couple attempts to get some tracks and avoid private property and long gone roads. One of the guys and I made a pre-trip over a weekend to test his planned route before the group ride (we at one point were up to 6 planned riders). He had started with some old GPX files he found online and used Google Earth and Topo maps to fill in blanks and re-route. We hit closed gates, ranches, roads that faded to nothing, etc. Road a rock section that we decided to route around with the group, etc. It was good to have done the pre-trip on this section as we ended up with a very doable big bike route for the main trip, especially considering we wouldn't have quite the energy levels to expend on a longer trip that we had for a weekend. There is a couple mile section of pulverized volcanic rock road that is basically 2 ruts of shallow 'sand' with deep 'sand' on the shoulder and center. It was in an open area you could see for miles and miles, but don't enjoy the scenery so much you lose focus on keeping the bike upright and straight on that section! We stayed our only night in a hotel the 4th night in Alturas, CA. Did I mention we spent the last 3 days riding in +100 deg heat? Let's just say a shower was needed by this point! I appreciated the bed that night, I had a rough day and went down a few times so I was wiped out pretty good.

    From Alturas we continued on our homebrew tracks to get to the "official" start of OBDR route 5 section 1. At this point the weather 'cooled' into the 90's and though still warm, it was much more pleasant riding temps the rest of the way (by comparison). This is a good place to point out be prepared, we had temps below freezing overnight to 103 in the day and one major thunderstorm for 2 hours of drenching just before stopping in Paisley for fuel and camping for a night a few miles past there(night 5). Route 5 going north is pretty easy going on a big bike until about 30 miles or so outside of Christmas Valley. That's when you hit a section of rocky desert that wasn't necessarily difficult but was slow going and tiring on a loaded big bike. This section took several hours and a lot of energy. It was an area you'd blast through on a dirt bike but just had to pick your way through on a 500-600 lb vessel. If you prefer, there's a highway route to bypass into Christmas Valley for fuel. We fueled in Riley and camped in our only actual campground of the trip at Chickahominy Reservoir for night 6. Be prepared for some wind and rock hard ground for the tent stakes!

    A few miles up the highway from Chickahominy you will turn off onto a double track that soon turns from soft, loose and sandy to rocky. Very rocky. This was by far the most technical section on a big bike as there were multiple steep rocky (i.e. boulder) fields to navigate up. It takes good balance and clutch/throttle control or plan to go around back through Riley is my advice. On the big bikes I was glad we were going UP! There was also about 1/2 mile of riding a rocky dry creekbed of babyheads in this section but it was basically flat. This is the desert sending you off with a bang as you see the trees approaching in the distance! I think my Tiger was in 1st gear for about 2-1/2 hours straight that morning to get an idea. After getting into the trees we soon hit more gravel roads and making really good time until... wait... didn't the GS have 2 panniers when we left camp this morning??? Yup, spent 1/2 day riding up and back looking to and fro for a lost Mosko Backcountry 35(1st gen). Never did find it and figured someone had to have picked it up. We ended up camping not nearly as far north on route 5 as hoped somewhere in the southern edge of the Ochoco NF for night 7.

    The next day was pretty mild in comparison and the most challenging aspect was stretching the Tiger's fuel supply to Seneca given the doubling back the previous day on what was already going to be the longest leg for fuel. Made it to Seneca with plenty to "spare"! She only took 4.9 and holds 5.0. We camped at Seneca at a city park field in view of the Bear Valley Store for our final night. The new owners there are really fixing the place up and are super friendly and helpful. We stocked up some groceries, ate dinner and breakfast there before heading out of Seneca. They get up early and make some great hot breakfast sandwiches!

    Our plans changed a bit at Seneca. I was going to ride route 4 back to Sisters and head home. The SA and GS were going to do section 3 & 4 of OBDR but with the GS missing a pannier and 1/2 her gear, the wind was out of her sails and we all stayed together for route 4. Route 4 was by far the easiest riding of the trip. We did have a false start out of Seneca as the tracks took off right through private land. We ended up with a road route around to be good citizens. When we got to Prineville we decided to part company and take our respective highways home. To be honest the mostly gravel roads from Seneca to Prineville weren't really doing it for us and we expected similar going to Sisters. As a final comment, we somehow made it through with zero flats! The Tiger and 1290SA had Heidenau K60's and the GS Shinko 804/805's. All these tires were great for this riding.

    Our group is planning our trip for this summer. Not sure what we will end up doing for sure, but we are possibly starting back off in Sisters/Seneca to do sections 3&4 going North, cut over on more homebrew routes from OBDR to IBDR and head north on the IBDR. Depending on where we end up on time we would continue west on the NW Passage route and some may come back on the WABDR. Plans are still up in the air and all I know is we'll be doing a ride! We hope to have those that couldn't join us last year with us! @WSobchak :-)

    For any personal friends that know some of the rest of the story, yes, I've left out several details that may be considered embarrassing to myself or others! I'll share around a future campfire if we are ever privileged to ride together!
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    if you want feedback you better export and post the GPX so we can load and zoom in - I can't see from the image where exactly you are going...
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    That's the loop I'd like to do this year.
    Having never done any of the routes, how would this be on a big bike (AT)?
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    In 2017 I did that loop but in reverse starting in Sisters, OR. Rt 4 (West) to Rt 5 (South) to Rt 2 (West) to Rt3 (North) Loop back in 2017 and it is easily big bike doable it was a comfortable 4 days 3 nights camping off my bike.
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    Hwy 42 between Roseburg and Myrtle point is a nice open and relaxing hwy, but if you want off the highway, get away from the traffic, and a bit more shade, take the Coos bay wagon road just to the north of 42. Its a winding, slower, partially graveled road that follows a small stream through the coast range, and has pretty good shade (It can be hot in that area in August). As was stated previously, it would help to see the gpx to get a better look at your planned route.
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    Rode the eastern half of 4 last year, I took the little detour too! Enjoyed the route, but had to go to Mitchell twice as we ran out of water and there wasn't any in the Ochocos in July.

    We tried catching route 3 at Sisters, but there's such a spiderweb of logging roads we couldn't stay on it using the paper maps. A GPX route would have helped a lot. Still had a great time.
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    I'm thinking Rte 5 south-north, then CDR south for myself.
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    I've got some updating to do!
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    Route 3 that I ran has almost no pavement until far southern Oregon, past Butte Falls it has some but it's really Great pavement!
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    Lol, that mess is really tough even with gpx zoomed all the way in.
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    I have the paper maps for Route 3. Free to good home. They have lat/long coords for each intersection.
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    My wife, sister, and I did some of sections 1 and 2 of Route 5 in July 2019.

    Lifted Subaru Crosstrek and a loaded down 1190 S... And as @Rogue_Ridin said the section from Christmas Valley through Riley and north to Delintment Lake is brutal! I have the paper maps and old GPX tracks I found online. Both of which were a little hard to follow so we ended up improvising quite a bit.
    Fremont_Point.jpeg Christmas_Valley_Road.jpeg Lake_Road.jpeg

    This summer, a bunch of us are planning on doing the Gambler 500 (June 27-29) and then picking up Route 5 from Riley heading North before crossing over to the IBDR around Yellow Pine and going North. This year I am on a 790R (much better ride for me!) and the Crosstrek has a few more farkles to boot!
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    I didn't know KTM made Crosstreks :-)
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    DA KLIXTER old and slow

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    Only in orange ?
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    I did it last year and loved it!
    "Moto Only" sections should be mandatory if traveling by motorcycle.

    Be sure to stay well nourished and hydrated, it's a long ride.
    Screenshot_20210401-173516.png Screenshot_20210401-173014.png IMG_20200916_200005~2.jpg IMG_20200917_145031.jpg
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    Contemplating a loop. From Bend. North part of 3, 6 out and back, 2 to 5-2, 4 back to Bend. If we have time. How is the downed tree situation on those routes. Anyone ridden them since the fires and wind? Are they passable? Sounds like the Big Washout has been fixed.
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    Thanks to all contributing info here.
    A group of 7 of us are starting rt. 5 in Lakeview OR 8:00am June 22nd.
    Going North on to WABDR then over to IDBDR South.
    Around 19 days total including 1 or 2 days to rest in a town.
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    2 or 3 of us will be heading South on 3 then west on 6 on the 28th or 29th of May. Any snow or tree issues to worry about? 6 hits almost 7000'.

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    Looks like a good ride. Will you be doing a ride report? Would love to hear how it goes and if your route works out. I'm planning to ride 6 in August.

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