Oregon but not forgotten

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    Jun 18, 2019
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    This seems as good a place as any to chronicle my wanderings, so here we go. Decided to explore southwest of Eugene. Last time I traveled these roads was 1994, my tranny locked up and I had to walk to a farmhouse to call my girlfriend (now ex-wife) for a ride. Fortunately I now ride a Vstrom 650, which I hear is guaranteed to run forever, so no mechanical drama today.

    Rode to Siuslaw Falls, which aren't much to look at now due to a lack of water, then followed the road until it ended in the campsite of someone who didn't look real happy to see me. Backtracked and followed Siuslaw River Road until it ended at Highway 126. Got caught in a parade behind a yoooge motor home, when we got to a passing lane I wasn't able to pass before the lane ended, but he pulled to the side to let me get by. A few minutes later I did the same for an F150 in a big hurry. That's me, payin' it forward. Then Territorial Highway to home.

    6 hours, mostly in the saddle, and 180 miles. Probably didn't set any speed records, but it was just about a perfect day to be on the bike.

    IMG_20200829_101411615.jpg IMG_20200829_110629860.jpg IMG_20200829_111641941.jpg
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    Siuslaw River Road is great. I live in Cottage Grove, so it's fairly near by. I think that there are roads that connect Siuslaw River Road to Smith River and on to Reedsport. I'd like to do that, but I'm not sure how much of the route is off pavement. My CTX700 can deal with some gravel, but it's not much of an ADV bike.
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    Had a Vstrom just like that, nice bike. Been meaning to explore that area, thought about making a huge circle up from Powers and cut though somewhere south of Eugene and back south, on the East side of I-5
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