Oregon winter day trips???

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    G’day everyone!
    Aussie living in the US. Wanting to take every opportunity I have, so, am seeking some advice on a couple of spare days I’ll have in Portland, OR at the end of Jan once work is done up there.
    While my KTM 1290r will be resting down here in temperate Los Angeles, I’m renting an eagle rider BMW r1200gs to ride around the surrounds. Got wet weather gear and multiple layers — anyone got any tips on anywhere that should not be tackled in winter, or is it fairly temperate? Thinking one day to do the interior: mt hood, the gorge, maybe get to bend for early dinner then back up to Portland. Then the next day do an easier ride out to the coastline.

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    unfortunately, i'm in the other corner of the country... but, if you find some good sites, or can recommend some of your favorites...
    always looking for another adventure
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    Hey @E-luke, hope you have a good trip up here :nod :nod

    Honestly, it'll be a crap shoot for what the weather can do at the end of January. We might luck out and you'll have temps in the 40s or 50s with little-to-no rain. If that's the case, then heading up to Mt. Hood is a possibility. I'd still consider that with a bunch of caution - easy to have black ice or snowy conditions as you head up the mountain.

    I think a day trip out through the Gorge would be good, you can check out the waterfalls and ride the historic hwy (30) without as much worry about snow. That said, if the temps drop and there's precipitation forecast, the Gorge can be brutal with ice.

    You'll encounter some elevation if you head through the coast range, but it's not as much as what you'd hit when crossing the Cascades to either hit Mt. Hood or continue on to Bend or Central OR. This would be my recommendation, spend a day and ride out Hwy 30 to Astoria and stay the night. Great place to visit with good breweries (Fort Gorge, etc). You could continue south along the coastline and hit Seaside, Cannon Beach, or go even further south and hit Tillamook. Then you could take Hwy 6 or Hwy 26 back to PDX.

    Kind of a tough time to visit when you'll be on 2-wheels. Tons of stuff to see and check out up here, but doing so in January on a bike limits your options.

    Feel free to ping me if you'd like, been riding here for a couple decades now.