OSO LOCO!! KTM 990s attack Colorado, Utah, and the best of the TAT

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What did the Osos do after Lica's hit in Hell's Gate?

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  1. Hit the 911 button on Lica's spot and waited for search and rescue

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  2. Called Radek's cop buddy and got a TOY 4x4 extraction

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  3. What's the problem? He rode out with one hand and no throttle - OSO!!!

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  4. With the engineering flow chart, WD-40 and duct tape - trail repair, baby!

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  5. Flagged down a tour jeep and put the bike in the back with some French tourists

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  6. This is just a ploy to buy time and still act like you're working on the report, isn't it?

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  1. rburkat

    rburkat Been here awhile

    Feb 5, 2010
    Squamish, BC
    That video turned out great! Nice editing.
    BTW, I'm not sacrificing anything because I love doing close follow cam. It makes it so much more exciting trying to follow someone closely. Keeping in mind that you first don't want to hit the bike you're following and also crash yourself, everything else becomes gnarly. Essentially you have to try to decelerate quicker and accelerate quicker in order to stay close. Also you can't just "follow" someone as they are blocking your view so you have to continually try to pick the alternate line so you can see clear in front. You also agree that the lead bike can and should cut you off to pick the better line so you have to watch for that.
    Also you spend a lot of time in the left lane which requires you to be extra careful on corners in order to dodge the oncoming traffic.

    But it's getting hard to do close follow cam because everyone in this crew is so fast. We basically now agree that the lead tones it down a bit so the follow guy at his fastest can keep up close.

    Oh and you forgot the quote from the guy in Gunnison.
    LOL - how about we try it then 2 up and in the rain!
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  2. Johnf3

    Johnf3 Long timer

    Apr 10, 2007
    West Texas
    The ISDE shop owner was probably no other than Fritz Kadlec, who really was a member of the USA ISDE trophy team back in the 80's. He is still blistering fast on a off road motorcycle. I have shared many miles of single track with him on a few different rides. He owns the Husaberg shop in Gunnison and is a very cool dude.

    He was just trying to look out for you. You should have shown him the video of Schofield uphill in the dark. He probably would have snuck away from the shop and gone riding with ya'll!
  3. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA
    Hola, Radek!

    Glad you liked the video - it captured the ride pretty well, eh?
    So freakin' fun!!

    Thanks for clearing things up - it always looks like you're having fun filming, I'm happy you are!

    Heh, yeah, I didn't get too into the shop guy's comment on purpose...(see below).

    Hi Johnf3,
    Yes, that was Fritz. We met him later. He obviously knows his stuff.

    I totally understand that locals get tired of flatland visitors coming to CO and getting into jams...
    Fritz has probably seen his share of the resulting carnage and gets an earful afterwards -
    "Why didn't anyone tell us that Pearl Pass was rocky??" etc...

    You're right, he had no idea what kind of riders we were, and was trying to do us a favor.
    Normal people don't want to trash their bikes.


    Unfortunately, statements like "you can't do that on those bikes" are pure catnip for our group.
    Or, should I say, "honey."


    Nothing makes this group more excited than hearing "NO big bikes" :rofl

    It was all in good fun. :D

    And, yes - he did offer to ride with us after we told him we did Pearl...


    Thanks for checking in!

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  4. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA

    Hey bpep!
    Wow, a member since 2007 and this is only your 2nd post!
    I'm honored :D

    You're right - out of the 6 bikes, matt and I are the only ones who still have crashbars.
    We used to think they were more important, but at this point we only keep them on because they hold our bags:


    we have important things in those bags (toilet paper, baby wipes, the amsteel tow line, spare tube, etc...)!
    The bags get trashed whenever we do singletrack, but they are so useful.

    Matt would consider taking the bags and bars off, but then we have to find new homes for everything. :dunno


    I personally like the crashbars because they give me something to grab onto when I'm pulling on a 990.
    I use ours all the time - in mud, rocks, sand...
    When we are with Radek, for instance, I have a hard time finding someplace to pull from (that won't get my hand squashed).
    But, I think I'm the only one short enough to use them like that. :dunno

    Matt agrees that the bars are a huge hassle for maintenance, but he says, "trail repairs? oh, we don't do those..."
    :lol3 Obviously, he's just kidding.

    LOTS of character! I took this on Day 5...



    Thanks, Lica!
    I'm so happy that you're enjoying the report! I have so many fun photos of you, and you enliven so many videos - Yaaaaah!! Oso!!! :clap

    It's great that your mom and friends (and I especially hope, Camelia) can see exactly what you've been up to when you're in the dirt! :evil

    Oh, yeah - a Oso Loco BC version would be frickin' AWESOME!!!
    we got a taste last summer and loved BC! :rayof

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  5. dave6253

    dave6253 GCBAR Explorer

    May 1, 2006
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Great report LW! I'm having a blast following along. The videos are awesome, but they scare me... You guys are crazy!
  6. Just Paul

    Just Paul Pro Cat Herder

    Feb 7, 2007
    Pleasanton, Ca
    That video of Pearl Pass was great.. its fun watching you guys ride 2 up without luggage. Matt loved that climb and you guys where FLYING !

    many of the people on here that read these reports have no idea how fast you 2 ride together the videos just don't show the speed you carry in the corners... I feel lucky to have ridden with you guys
  7. fooswolf

    fooswolf Been here awhile

    Apr 15, 2010
    Lincoln, NE
    Schofield pass two-up in the dark the hard way after rain, you guys are barking Loonbats:evil.
    You should have titled the report the Revenge of OSO Stupid, ha ha.
    The videos and the ride report are wanderful as always.

    After watching those videos, I feel lucky not to have ridden with you guys, :rofl

  8. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA
    Haha - you got it dustyrider - what you can't see, can't hurt you. :lol3
    Thank you!

    Thank you, loph917!

    Oh, my photos are worse than ever this year (so maybe you like Radek or Lica's pics :lol3)
    The lens of my camera is soooo scratched up - too many crashes in sand and mud...
    and "cleaning" the lens with my dirty gloved finger...:cry

    Heh, I thought we covered that with the whole mesh underwear thing (oldtrucks)...

    [​IMG] :lol3

    you know I'm just recycling this since I took the time to upload it :)

    Hi docwyte,
    Aw, it's just smoke and mirrors.
    Didn't you just start riding in the dirt?? now you have something to look forward to. :evil

    Hi redog!
    Yeah, did you hear the sense of relief in my voice when we made it across the creek??
    I was totally expecting to get dumped into the water on that one.
    Couldn't see a thing!
    It was deep - the water came up over matt's knee! :eek1

    TMI! :huh:kat
    Glad you liked the video. :evil

    Yo, PDXA!
    what up? how have you been??
    When I went to quote that post about the Klim rally, I saw the pic of you and Jimmy Lewis...
    Did you ever do your dirt lessons with JL?

    Hi Ladybug!
    Glad you're joining us! Hope Alaska was fun :ear

    haha, okay, if that's what you need to tell yourself, I'll go along with it :D
    I love showing off my middle finger :evil

    Hi Doug!
    Thanks for reading!
    Yeah, if anything Matt says he's losing his solo skills - too much 2 up :cry
    Don't feel sorry for him, he got to ride by himself a little on this ride.

    Thanks, Q!
    Aw, that's so sweet of you!
    (you're drunk, aren't you? :wink: Insomnia is code for MGD?)

    Just kidding! you're the best. we miss you! :D
    hey, did you wish you and Tiger were with us for that trek up Schofield??

    Give Mr. Purr some pets for me!

    Hi Andrea,
    Yeah, mud is pretty sketchy when you're fully-loaded and 2up...
    Definitely feels like we're riding a giant wallowing waterbuffalo sometimes!

    Haha, glad you like this better than TV!
    I've got 10 or 11 days left, so there will be more episodes coming up...:deal

    Thanks Jordan and Diggerled!

    It was stressful in real life, but somehow it's scarier on video.
    I think we're so focused when it's happening, we don't even notice things like cliffs. :eek1 (I don't, at least).
    Nor do we think about the consequences.

    It's only afterwards, editing the footage, when we start talking about the "what ifs" and get super freaked out.

    haha, the heavy breathing is pretty bad on this one - wrestling a 500+ pound bike at 10,000 feet is a real workout!

    Thank you gagnaou, bemiiten, and sgio! :wave
    It's so nice of you to join us - I'm really glad you're enjoying the report!

    Hey B-Rod,
    long time no see! I was happy to spy that pink bunny suit...
    How are you? Thanks for checking in! :D

    You're welcome, Bgunn!
    Thanks for reading :freaky

    Hey Paul,
    Me, too. :nod It was exhausting.
    Were you and Jill imagining how awful that would have been??
    First the mud, then that! :lol3

    Hi Mike,
    Great to hear from you!
    Thanks for the overheating info, hope it helps someone else.

    Have a great time at the KTM rally - make sure you bring a jacket (it rains a lot in CO) :evil


    hiya dave62538675309!

    Nice to see you in here! Sorry for the crappy photos - I hope they don't hurt your eyes. :cry

    Seriously - look at how scratched up my TS3 lens is:



    As I mentioned, too much crashing in the sand and mud and trying to wipe the lens with dirty gloves. :bluduh

    I get lots of weird glare and stuff now. :(:

    JustPaul again! :wave

    Heh, thanks - glad you liked the video. :D We enjoyed ourselves...just a little! :wink:
    It was such a great ride!

    Aw, Paul - you're sweet, but don't over-sell us :shog
    We're not that fun. :nah There are a lot of people who never want to ride with us again! :evil :lol3

    OK, hope I didn't skip anyone!

    I appreciate all the comments, you guys - it's great to have your enthusiasm!

    Osos!!! :clap
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  9. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA

    Hi Dan!
    You snuck in there when I wasn't looking...
    Thanks for reading (again).

    Haha! :lol3

    (for the record, we have never ridden with Dan :rofl) but he seems like a smart guy!
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  10. lukeman

    lukeman Cool Hand

    Nov 22, 2008
    Washington DC
    First off,


    Secondly. These guys sponsoring you? Take a swig before starting these epic passes?

  11. docwyte

    docwyte Long timer

    Dec 23, 2012
    Denver, CO
    Something to look forward to indeed! I just started riding period, have 3000 lifetime miles under my belt now.
  12. 5 speed

    5 speed Long timer

    Sep 12, 2006
    Orlando Florida
    All I was thinking about looking at those trails were 'put away the ideas of riding the 950 on terrain like that and start loving your 530; cause even thats going to be a back breaker to pick up on slickrock'. You guys are warriors (and warrior princess :D)!!!
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  13. ttr

    ttr Been here awhile

    Jun 7, 2011
    Rome, Italy
    Amazing report!
  14. Overcomb3

    Overcomb3 Icy PUMA

    Feb 9, 2013
    Bay Area
    With your awesome attitudes, riding expertise & your reports. I've read & loved every one of them. I fully admit to being jealous.

    I've got the same model 990 S as you do & would love nothing more than to tag along sometime. My riding skills aren't anywhere near Matt's but I would be in heaven to try & keep up. I live across the bay in Pinole. Please feel welcome to contact me for any of the following: lunch(on me), a ride, help with wrenching or any other support needed. Your an inspiration & I really would love to meet sometime & talk bike.

    Keep up the GREAT report.

  15. dmaxmike

    dmaxmike former quadtard.

    Aug 20, 2010
    Close to the groundhog, PA
    in for a wantastic time! :clap
  16. Idahosam

    Idahosam Set Adrift

    May 23, 2006
    Back in the Saddle
    Jesus, you two are absolutely the craziest biker couple I've ever had the honor of knowing. Matt Performs feats of acrobatics on that big blue overloaded KTM bus that defy common since! For me as a vertically challenged (29" inseam) on a smaller lighter bike probably. On my Moya no way. At my age if I had to pick Moya up more than twice I'd be done in that situation.

    I am so glad to know you guys, you take on everything in good spirit and a tenacious pit bull attitude.... that is contagious. All the reason you have a great tight nit riding posse:norton

    I know many will not owe up to it, but this is sorta how I perceived your ride... good thing you didn't capture all the audio in those helmets.

    It all starts out giddy with anticipation but then...............

    <iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/CkwtygLgFok" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="420"></iframe>

    I am leaving out to Texas in 2 days but I'll pop in as much as possible here to catchup.:clap:clap.... salute :1drink

    OH, and I think Q was spot on.
  17. Hobbes950

    Hobbes950 Darth Kitten

    Jun 9, 2007
    Nevada City
    You know how you can take rides in Ferraris with race drivers to get the feeling of the capabilities of the cars without having to have the driving skills yourself? Matt could do that with the schoolbus. Diapers mandatory! :clap

    I am sure my husband gets tired of me showing him pictures and videos saying, "Look what they are doing now!" The Wans- instilling feelings of inadequacy in pilots and pillions worldwide. :lol3
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  18. redog1

    redog1 KTM 690R

    Sep 4, 2009
    Magalia, CA./ Butte & Siskiyou C.
    What a "barking Loonbat" is? :dunno I googled it but didn't come up with anything. :lol3:poser

    Great stuff Oso crew. :clap
  19. Dan Lorenze

    Dan Lorenze Been here awhile

    May 26, 2005
    Ventura County, California
    Nice job going up Pearl Pass two up in the rain... Major props, not easy...
  20. Scribe

    Scribe £Bob£

    Nov 8, 2004
    In my natural state
    Oh sure, just leave us hanging on top of Pearl Pass. Moar!

    BTW, your exploits are going to cause me problems every time I want to wimp out because "my 950 is too big for that nonsense." Thanks. :lol3