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OSO LOCO!! KTM 990s attack Colorado, Utah, and the best of the TAT

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by LittleWan, Aug 21, 2013.


What did the Osos do after Lica's hit in Hell's Gate?

Poll closed Jan 7, 2018.
  1. Hit the 911 button on Lica's spot and waited for search and rescue

    8 vote(s)
  2. Called Radek's cop buddy and got a TOY 4x4 extraction

    22 vote(s)
  3. What's the problem? He rode out with one hand and no throttle - OSO!!!

    88 vote(s)
  4. With the engineering flow chart, WD-40 and duct tape - trail repair, baby!

    135 vote(s)
  5. Flagged down a tour jeep and put the bike in the back with some French tourists

    41 vote(s)
  6. This is just a ploy to buy time and still act like you're working on the report, isn't it?

    128 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Grayjet

    Grayjet Ride on!

    Jun 14, 2008
    Va Beach

    Damn the luck! So sorry this happened, Littlewan! I, too, spent some time this year on one of those scooters. I blew my Lisfranc ligament (ligament in the foot that no one has heard of because they almost never tear) and spent a few months non-weight bearing.

    Caught on helmet cam! (Cut to 2:45 for the 'incident.')

    The mighty XR650L was a bad choice for the motocross track.

    <iframe width="960" height="720" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/2FM3Em7FIOc?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA
    Dammit, Joe! :jerko
    I knew there was a good reason I broke my freakin' foot!

    Hopefully you'll be taking your 990 on a nice long ride soon.
    That oughta do it...:wink:

    Hi Grayjet,
    Ugh - Lisfranc - that's a bad one. :cry
    My mom sent me an email, worried that it might be a Lisfranc injury.
    (so, I guess the word is out!)

    Thanks for the video, hope you are healing up nicely.
    Guess we could have had an ADV kneescooter gang after all! :lol3

    Hi guys,
    So - good news!
    I got my toe skewer out yesterday!
    Woo hoo! :clap

    The bad news? My doctor is an asshole.
    Earlier, he told me he'd give me a local before taking out the rod.
    But instead, he brought in a toolbox (!), pulled out some pliers,
    and then started yanking on the skewer.

    He was having a hard time, too - twisting and pulling, twisting and pulling...Dude, you're killing me!
    I think I screamed a little at the end, that last bit really hurt.


    I'm not sure what to do with the skewer, but I have it.
    Matt wanted to make a tiny chicken kabob and take a photo of me eating it, but I declined. :puke1 :lol3


    The other rod has to stay in for another couple weeks. I don't want to go back and have that one out! :cry
    The doc said, "Oh. That one looks even longer!" Jerk. :bluduh


    I have an external splint that I have to wear for the next month (the toe is still very delicate),
    but the whole thing fits in my walking boot.
    It's so nice to finally be able to put my foot down on the ground.
    And, I got to wash that foot for the first time in 6 weeks! Yay!

    I'm on the road, to the road, to success. :D

    So, I don't have my accident on helmetcam like Grayjet,
    but I did see that Dave Wood posted the video he shot of us on singletrack, after my foot got smashed.
    Matt was being cautious, trying hard not to hurt me even more.
    It's definitely not the best we have ever done on ST, but here you go:

    Every little jolt was excruciating and I could barely keep my foot on the peg.
    It threw my balance off and I really couldn't control my weight like I usually do,
    but at least we made it out of there without embarrassing ourselves too much.


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  3. dustyrider

    dustyrider dirt is good for you

    May 20, 2009
    Impressive hardware. Maybe video the longer one being pulled out. For defense purposes at the trial. After you box his ears.:ear
  4. redog1

    redog1 KTM 690R

    Sep 4, 2009
    Magalia, CA./ Butte & Siskiyou C.
    just looking at it. I'll have to check out the video tommorrow at work:D
  5. dustyrider

    dustyrider dirt is good for you

    May 20, 2009
    Kelly, I just watched the ride video. You and Matt have awe inspiring riding skill. :clap Completely amazed you can do that kind of riding on the "School Bus". And knowing the state your foot was in...

    Attached Files:

  6. TheYeti

    TheYeti Hard to be Humble

    Dec 18, 2006
    North Carolina, a little left of center
    Glad to hear you're on the mend, Love your RR's I've only read two of them. I loved Summer of Stupid. I would bearly (OSO) want to ride that ST on a MTB let alone a 990 two up to boot.( no pun intended ).It's given me the inspiration (stupidity):lol3 to stretch my limits on my 950.

    I hope you feel better soon (able to ride)

  7. Scribe

    Scribe £Bob£

    Nov 8, 2004
    In my natural state
    If I never see another toe skewer again it will be far too soon. :eek1

    Glad you are healing, looking forward to the report.
  8. NoVa Rider

    NoVa Rider Long timer Supporter

    Nov 6, 2006
    Ouch. Getting passed by a mountain bike at 4:05 is proof enough things were not well. . .. :cry I have fond memories of you all chasing Jimmy Lewis two-up on ST . .. :clap :clap :clap
  9. bike fx

    bike fx Adventurer

    Dec 19, 2006
    Vancouver , Canada
    Fantastic video Radek , Big Wan is an amazing rider and little Wan is extremely brave or really dumb. I personaly think it is the former.
  10. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA
    Radek is great at close follow filming. yes.
    BigWan is an amazing rider. yes.

    I think I'm getting dumber, since I want to continue riding with BigWan,
    so, I'm probably at around 70% dumb and 30% brave at this point.

    Thanks for noticing! :lol3

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  11. kaia

    kaia team F5 ⌘R

    Aug 8, 2008
    silicon valley, ca
  12. gregoblv

    gregoblv Been here awhile

    May 3, 2012
    Las Vegas, NV
    Another Wantastic Wan Report I have read. Everyone should strive to meet the standards that Little Wan has set with her reports. This report is a couple of years old, but is well worth reading. Great job on the report and the riding by all the Osos. Great adventure. :ricky

    Now on to the next report in the series. :lurk

    And I hope you have learned to not kick things. :evil
  13. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA
    Hey guys,

    It has been a while, hasn't it?
    BigWan and I have been riding, just not posting.
    Ladybug0048 lured me back in recently (hi Sherry! :wave) and now I have some bad news...

    It has come to my attention that Photobucket is screwing everyone who had the misfortune of choosing their services.
    After paying $30 a year for the last 8 or 9 years to have photos in these ride reports, now Photobucket wants $399 a year.
    $399 a year!

    Obviously, that's not happening.
    Change to SmugMug you say? Well, suppose I wanted to... Okay, I just need to re-upload all my photos to SmugMug.
    All 17,275 of them.

    Seventeen thousand, two hundred and seventy five photos.

    Almost every one of those images was uploaded to photobucket for the sole purpose of posting them on ADVrider.
    I think this report alone has 7,000 images. Maybe 8,000.
    And photobucket has disabled the ability to download an entire album (this report has 42 albums), which would have made transferring photos just slightly less horrible.
    F**k downloading 7,000 individual images just to re-upload them somewhere else and then replace 7,000 photo links.

    The photos seem to be working for now, but it's only a matter of time.
    If you wanted to re-read any Wan reports or save any maps or whatever, now is your chance.
    I think our account is paid up through November 2017, but they can revoke the 3rd party posting ability at any time.
    Who knows, posting this and having people look at the reports might even trigger it.

    So, it was nice being part of ADV while it lasted.
    Thanks to everyone who read the RRs and contributed, you guys made it fun!
    Matt and I have saved all the reports as PDFs so we can continue to read them ourselves, but I'm sad they will be gone from ADV.
    Especially after I spent months fixing them in 2015! :baldy

    Here's a preview of what's to come:


    17,275 of those will soon be our only presence on ADV. :cry
    So sad.

    Make shitty placeholders your favorite!

    So - until Photobucket takes them away, last chance to look at the ride reports with photos...

    The ongoing list of our WANderful rides (most recent on top):
    (clickable links)
    12. Oso Sandy - KTM 990 Desert Adventure (no written ride report)
    December 2015

    BigWan, Bartek990, licascurtu, rburkat
    Five days of desert riding. Mojave, CA to Las Vegas and back - lots of sand and dunes.

    11. Nevada - Food for the Soul: Delicious Dirt on Big Bikes
    August 2015

    BigWan and Bartek990 (with a guest appearance by KTMADV)
    Riding an awesome 1 week loop of Nevada



    10. OSO LOCO!!: Canada Edition
    August 2014

    Osos in the Great White North - a tour of BC.
    Singletrack and spectacular scenery.



    9. OSO LOCO!! Baja Edition: Sand and Single Track. And Rocks. And Snow
    February 2014

    BigWan, Bartek 990, KTMADV, licascurtu
    13 days in Baja, looking for the best riding possible.
    Window Rock, Green Door Trail, Malarrimo Coast, etc...



    8. mini ride report: LA to Barstow to Vegas/ LAB2V (scroll down the page)
    November 2013

    BigWan, LittleWan
    Just a short write up about our first LAB2V (their 30th anniversary event)
    Two up, on the hard splits. Lots of sand washes and rocky sections.
    What a fun ride!



    7. OSO LOCO!! KTM 990s Attack Colorado, Utah, and the Best of the TAT
    August 2013

    BigWan, LittleWan, Bartek990, Goggles Pizano, KTMADV, rburkat, licascurtu
    13+ days, 3000+ miles through Nevada, Utah and Colorado
    Also known as the "Oso Loco Taco Tour."



    ending with 990s on the Rubicon Trail :wink:

    6. I’'ve Made a Huge, Tiny Mistake: Big Bikes on the Vegas to Reno
    March 2013

    BigWan, LittleWan, MediumWan, Bartek990, Goggles Pizano, KTMADV, rburkat
    Took some big bikes on the famous Vegas to Reno race course.

    5. The Baja Wan-Thousand: A Quick Trip to the Tip
    February 2013

    BigWan, LittleWan, Bartek990, Goggles Pizano
    2500 miles in 11 days
    We were riding some old Baja 1000 tracks, some Mexican 1000 tracks, and eating tons of tacos.
    I really love this report!




    4. Gettin'’ Dirty with the Wans: 8400 miles - UTBDR, Klim Rally, Canada, WABDR, OBDR +
    June/July/August 2012

    BigWan, LittleWan - with guest appearances from rburkat, Cap'n Underpants, Bartek990, Capt. Saveaho, and more!
    This was a big one - 8400+ miles, 53 days
    Nevada to Torrey, UT mostly offroad
    Capitol Reef/Cathedral Valley
    Black Dragon Wash/Eagle Canyon/Cat Canyon
    Skyline Drive (utah)
    The entire Utah Backcountry Discovery Route (including Lockhart Basin/Hurrah Pass and a stab at the Porcupine Rim trail)
    Yellowstone National Park
    The KLIM Adventure Summit (including Idaho single track, Jimmy Lewis, the slow challenge, and a whole lot of ADV inmates)
    Idaho (including the Magruder Corridor and the Lolo Motorway)
    British Columbia backroads (including some KVR/Trans Canada Trail and 2 days of Mad Radek'’s Canadian Lunacy Tour)
    The Washington Backcountry Discovery Route
    most of The Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route (including an awesome snow-less ride up Crane Mountain)
    finishing up with a small taste of the Pacific Crest Quest (Gold Lake and Sierra Buttes)



    3. Make Booty Your Favorite: A Death Valley Treasure Hunt with BigWan and LittleWan :kat
    March 2012 and April 2012

    Two rides, actually. The first was our quest to find a Playboy magazine, hidden in Death Valley.
    The second was to find some more fun stuff and shoot some video.

    Eureka Dunes
    Ubehebe Crater
    The Racetrack
    Pleasant Canyon
    Rogers Pass
    Middle Park
    South Park Canyon
    Briggs Cabin
    Titus Canyon
    Swansea Grade
    Salt Tram Summit Station
    Cerro Gordo
    Goler Wash (both directions)
    Mengle Pass (both directions)
    Geologist’s Cabin
    Charcoal Kilns
    The Goldfish Pond

    the U2 Shrine
    Saline Valley Warm Springs
    Steele Pass
    Dedeckera Canyon
    and a bunch more cabins

    2. The Summer of Stupid: 7400+ miles of 2up - OBCDR, CDT, TAT West and more...
    July/August 2010

    BigWan, LittleWan, and a few days with Gravitycheck
    10 states, 42 days
    The first report with ADV safety cones, and also the beginning of my ridiculous linky madness.:rolleyes

    Our route incorporated 2 days of the Pacific Crest Quest, the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route (including Crane Mountain),
    most of the Continental Divide Trail (including Lava Mountain and Fleecer Ridge),
    and the Trans America Trail from Colorado to Oregon.
    We also threw in a couple bonus Colorado passes (including Black Bear Pass to Telluride) and Utah’'s White Rim Trail.




    And, the one that started it all...
    1. TAT the Hard Way - 2up on a 950
    July 2009

    BigWan, LittleWan
    Death Valley in 128°F, then the western half of the TransAmerica Trail.
    Trinidad, Colorado to Port Orford, Oregon.
    Navigating by roll chart only, trying to ride every mile of the trail.
    no bypasses taken.





    this is also the ride where we killed the 950 adv. :cry

    Oh well.
    Nothing lasts forever, right?

    The Wans
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  14. Harder1

    Harder1 braaaap!

    Aug 10, 2010
    Tacoma, Wa
    I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.. That sucks! I've read all your reports and absolutely love and appreciate what they've brought to this site. I hope you and Matt keep riding and writing. In the meantime, I'll have to re-read some of these awesome tales. Cheers :beer
  15. Bob

    Bob Formerly H20Pumper Supporter

    Sep 25, 2002
    Corral de Tierra CA, Ketchum ID
    17,000... awesome photos, videos and more!

    Hi Matt and Kelly, you guys know you have brought so much joy and entertainment to ADV, I hope you can reload them so even more people can enjoy your great reports!
  16. dvwalker

    dvwalker Working to ride

    Jul 5, 2009
    By far the BEST ride reports on advrider, so very sad news. Shame on photobucket for this bad business practice....

    Slim chance, but perhaps if you send photosh*theads an email they might be able to help you easily download all your pics....
  17. dustyrider

    dustyrider dirt is good for you

    May 20, 2009
    Wow! So good to hear from you again, Kelly. And so bad to hear what is happening. It's almost like someone needs to start a blogsite where adventure riders can post about their rides. Not having posted anything with photos, I don't know the ins-and-outs of it. So very sad that this is happening to you––and to us.

    All I can do is express heart-felt thanks for all you have done to entertain and inform us. The sheer volume of the effort you and BigWan have put into your ride reports is mind boggling!

    Well, shit. I'm trying to think of something consoling, but I've got nothing. If you ever take the time and find the way to do ride reports again, feel free to let me (us) know. I (we) will appreciate your efforts. Ride on!

    Ps. This is worth the time if you have it. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/earths-ends-riding-dr650s-from-end-to-end.1037908/

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  18. TwilightZone

    TwilightZone Long timer Supporter

    Dec 2, 2008
    Behind the Redwood Curtain
    >"So - until Photobucket takes them away, last chance to look at the ride reports with photos..."

    Sighs... you guys are ADV legends.
    Hopefully I will run into you somewhere 'along the way'.
    (Well, I guess not 'into'... but maybe a chance meeting !)
  19. bomose

    bomose Long timer Supporter

    Jul 22, 2007
    Thanks for all the great reports. We appreciate all the work y'all put into them. They were definitely some of my favorites. Lots of good times looking through all of them. Good luck in all your future adventures.
  20. larryboy

    larryboy Stable genius.

    Jan 9, 2005
    Über Alles,California
    Makes me glad I never fixed my reports after xenforo ruined them, you think you have problems...I have 25,000 photos with PB.