Out of body experiences!

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    There's always a lot of ideas about the brain doing this or that. Ultimately there is no theory, math, or hypothesis that you can get consciousness or any mental activity out of chemicals and electricity.

    Rather than second guessing the experience I take it at face value that consciousness shifted momentarily to warn and avoid the accident.
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    My family was friends with another family, the husband / father was (is) a police officer in Ohio. Over at their house, sitting around their living room one evening, he told us the story of what possibly saved his life.

    As he told it:
    He had pulled a car over one night for something. As he approached the driver's door he reported feeling a hand on his shoulder, slowing him/stopping him. At that point he says that he was able to see through the metal of the driver's door. He saw what he described as a fully auto Uzi in the driver's hands, aimed directly at the door.

    I believe the officer called for backup at this point. He drew his weapon and demanded the driver (sole occupant of the vehicle) ... and this is the part I can't remember. I can't recall if he had the driver drop the firearm out the window, or hold his hands out the window until the backup arrived. One way or another, the officer claims that they later found the truck had a number of illegally-created fully-auto firearms.

    The perp asked how he knew, but the officer didn't answer that. To the day he told us the story, he doesn't know who or what to attribute the hand-(or force)-on-the-shoulder, and the ability to have been shown what was waiting for him on the other side of the driver's door.


    My grand-mother reported out-of-body when being cardioverted back to life. She said that she felt the shocks, too, even though out of body, and that they hurt.
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    I have had many OBEs, they always play out exactly like initially envisioned. Usually they are meaningless events. Some call it deja vu.
    That said, I know the voices in my head are not real, but their advice so good. I always listen.
    I know that listening has saved my life more than once.
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    Interesting, not sure my stories fit here in OBE category, but out of the normal yes.

    I will add one that my dad told me ... long before I was born, he was driving with family to in-laws home. It was rainy night , less visibility and he was tired. Everyone in the car slept off, and he dozed also off at the wheel, and then he tells that someone shook his shoulder and called his name and asked him "what are you doing"..he woke up and there was a curve on the road. If he would have not woken up, they would have plowed into a wall.. kicker, no one was awake when he woke up ...

    Then there are Time dilation/bullet time events, one of which I felt. I have been rear ended a couple of times in my cars. One time I was stopped in traffic on the NJ Turn Pike and I look up in the rear-view mirror. I see a box truck. My mind immediately processes that it is going way fast and is going to hit me. I see no way to avoid it (traffic in other lanes, so cant move out of the way, I get ready, loosen up my body, hands off the steering wheel, I see blue smoke from truck tires ... and impact .... the thing is that it was no more than 5 seconds from the time I saw the truck in the mirror to the impact, but to me it was like may be a minute... i walked away uninjured, not even a bruise or any pain ... i would attribute it to the superb engineering of modern cars + my body being under no stress...

    I think our mind is much more powerful, and in times of stress, goes into hyper drive ... and can do these feats of impossibility .... there is a science / force , we don't know / understand just yet ...

    PS: pic of the truck that rear ended me :)
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    50 years ago last month, it was my 18th birthday, and my brother and I were coming back from a friday night park up on the main drag. He had a mate on the back and we pulled off the road to drop him off opposite his place. Next thing I feel a bump...and I'm sitting on the road with my back against the front bumper of a Ford Transit...and it starts accelerating ! I know the Transit has a beam front axle and 6'' of clearance, I'm not going to come out of that in one piece. This is not looking good, and I don't know what to do !

    Then on the side of the road I see my brother, he's yelling at me, I can't hear him, but I can see what he's saying, and his gestures are telling me to Stand up, Stand Up !!! So I get my right leg out from under the bike - solid pegs, and solid kickstart on the old BSA, and climb on top of the bike, and then turn around and stand on the front bumper of the Transit, holding onto the wiper mounts. After a 1/4 mile they wipe the bike off on the armco of a corner, and another 1/4 mile later as they make a turn at the lights, I jump off backwards, and to the side...landing on my feet I go over backwards, do a handspring (hit my head, no helmet) and land on my feet again, and take off running back the other way. I'd seen Easyrider, no telling what these boys were going to do to me next. I met my brother coming the other way...he was looking for a body.

    I could recount the rest of the story...assault in the cop shop, the armed standoff. But that is not what this is about. I thanked my brother for telling me to stand up...I'd be dead otherwise Bro. He said all he saw was the Transit go past with my bike on the front in a shower of sparks...he jumped off the bike while it was still moving and took up the chase on foot. There was no one else there, no pedestrians, no by standers, no one from the houses, there was just the 2 of them watching me go up the road on the front of a van.

    The nay sayers with the slide rules say this stuff doesn't happen, but if it happens to you, you know it's for real ! This sort of stuff makes me suspicious about this world of ours...I don't think it is really what it seems.
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    I would offer his vast experience/good judgement caused him to slow down as he crested a blind hill.
    It paid off.
    How the event was stored in his memory may be different.
    Not a disbeliever, but often question my own "Spidy Senses" as to ESP, or 50 years of motorcycle experience.
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    I had split up with a gf, Alyssa, maybe 2 or 3 years earlier, and although we occasionally saw each other around town we hadn't stayed in touch. A year or two after we broke up her Dad, Jack, became sick, seriously I gather, but the family kind of closed ranks and it was hard to get any information on how he was doing. Alyssa and I had only dated for about 18 months, and although Jack and I got along well it wasn't as if we were super tight or anything. I think it was sort of expected that he wouldn't survive whatever it was he had, but I still don't know what was wrong with him.
    I rarely remember my dreams, perhaps one every six months or so, but one night I woke up having dreamt that Jack had died. I felt it strongly, so much so that after breakfast and before heading out to work I emailed my buddy Bruce who was the only person I knew who ever had any of the inside scoop on Jack's health, and asked him whether Jack had died. Within minutes the response came back, "Not that I've heard". I went out to work and came back to camp for lunch, checked my email and there was another from Bruce. Jack had indeed died the day before.
    Given that I hadn't seen Jack for a year at the very least, and was no longer in touch with any member of the family it has always stuck with me. I felt that dream so powerfully that I couldn't ignore it. How had I 'known' in my sleep, way up in the High Arctic, that someone I had once used to know a little had died?
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    This past May I was riding my recently inherited Electra glide and was rear ended while stopped at a light. The bike shot out from under me and as I was falling to the ground someone one grabbed me by the front of my jacket and gently set me on the ground. First thing I saw when I sat up was that stupid Harley bell dangling on the, now crushed, rear bumper.
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    Your mind will edit memories to make things fit.

    As above.

    I'm cursed with a photographic memory, several seconds of flight recorder sort of thing, so I've had to stop, think and patch reality back together a few times and I'm very confident on this one.
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    Incredible post - and I must insist that you tell us the rest of this story!!