Owners of Hilleberg and Exped, what say you.

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    My Keron 4GT was pretty long, but I never ran into any issues finding room to pitch it.
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    One thing to consider when thinking about freestanding vs not, is that tents with full length pole sleeves & a design where the fly & inner stay connected & are pitched together, are not usually freestanding. Most of the Hillebergs are like this. Once you have used a tent of this design you will never want to go back to putting on the fly every time you pitch.

    We have an old Macpac Minaret which is quite similar to a Nallo 2, It's eventually going to be replaced with a Nallo GT 2 or 3 as a bigger vestibule would be about the only thing that needs improving. We've never had a problem pitching it although it's not too often we're on ground you can't put a peg in, if moto camping you always have at least 1 motorcycle on hand which will do one end. I think a long skinny tent is actually easier to fit into a variety of spots, it doesn't matter if the vestibule end ground is a bit uneven.

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