Owners of new 2019 BMW R1250 GS / GSA - What is your current mileage and your impression so far?

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by Yev, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Yev

    Yev Adventurer

    Dec 17, 2018
    SF Bay Area
    Hello fellow riders.

    For the past 5 months I've been enjoying my new GSA and put 4500 miles on speedometer (mostly commuting).
    Made few comfort mods, such as Sargent seat, Ram mirrors, top and side cases. Will be upgrading OEM fog lights with Clearwater Erica lights in few weeks.

    Never had issues, other then punctured tire. Will be taking bike in few weeks for a one week ride on highway 1 towards Canada with a friend.

    So far no complaints.

    Wanted to hear about your current mileage and your overall feedback.

    Ride safe!
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  2. Fosters

    Fosters Been here awhile

    Nov 6, 2010
    3000 miles so far...no complaints...love the auto hill brake...still have occasional blue tooth connection issues, even with latest update.
    Love the power..Karoo 3 on the rear is about toast...they don’t like to go beyond 100mph
  3. ironsinker

    ironsinker Adventurer

    May 3, 2019
    Virginia, USA
    I have about 2000 miles on my 1250gs. I just added a cramp buster because my hand will fall asleep after awhile. That must just be a problem for me since i've never heard anyone else complain about it. Cramp buster seems to solve that problem for me. It was worth $9. I have no other mods yet, but will probably get a vstream touring shield this fall.

    I'm getting about 52 mpg cruising back roads (60-65mph). One evening I averaged about 57mpg over 70 miles at 50 miles per hour average on farm roads in Virginia. This bike will allow you to use 6th gear at 50mph with no problem.

    I'm very happy with the purchase. I do not like the anakee adventure tires cause they are loud and not smooth at highway speeds. I will not be taking this bike offroad anytime soon so I can't wait to get street tires. I have the rallye seat which for me is only good for about 2 hours. Not sure what I'll do about that just yet or just deal with it. The bike has more plastic on it than I originally thought, but I think it looks good regardless. I don't like Torx bolts.
  4. Pir

    Pir Been here awhile

    Apr 11, 2006
    15.000 Km here getting smoother as it gets Kms, even the quickshift that I considered somewhat rough initially is smooth as silk now (or it was me who got used to it), a curious fact is that after some time (never had a quickshift before) it became a second nature, sometimes I don´t use it (1st/second gear shifts) most of the times I use it but it became totally aotumatic, I don´t even think about it.
    The best farkles I did were: SW motech adjustable footrests, handlebar raisers and Vstream windshield, (had the original Gs one, and the adventure before The GSA is better than the GS but not much)
  5. Bikerboy108

    Bikerboy108 Pat from Jersey

    Sep 22, 2004
    Jersey "Land of the Lane Closure"
    “Little” bit smother a “Little”bit more torque from 0 -30 that’s it
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  6. huck629

    huck629 Adventurer

    Feb 3, 2019
    7,200 mi on mine so far. It's a regular old blue gs. I love it so far. I needed to put a puig touring screen on it. I'm probably going to have to try a sergeant seat one of these days.

    I'm not really fond of the tires. They're way too noisy on the road and the rear tire is getting squared off instead of worn down. I'm getting a pretty consistent 46 mpg. I wish the heated grips had a few more settings. I really wish I could get the tft to recognize the playlists on my phone. I also wish the wheel controlled the volume on any bluetooth connection.

    The nav 6 is my biggest regret. I never should've bought it. It complicates the bluetooth pairings, is a lousy nav unit, and is difficult to manage. I'm not fond of the vario cases and I wish I had gone with the aluminum panniers right off the bat. The side opening of the varios brothers me and the sliding expansion needs to cleaned a lot to work smoothly.

    Overall, I'm really happy with the purchase and I love the bike.
  7. Gadgetech

    Gadgetech Been here awhile Supporter

    Aug 6, 2017
    Cumming, GA
    I have over 5,000 miles between the GSA I wrecked last month (3,600 miles) and the GS I replaced it with (1,550 miles), both 1250s. The TFT connectivity experience on my new GS is so much better than it was on the GSA. The GS is on the previous to most recent firmware and the GSA had been updated to the latest. It just tells me there are bugs that BMW has yet to work out with the TFT and the firmware as there isn't much reason I can think of that would cause the experience to be so different b/w the two bikes.

    The GSA was a fine machine but I prefer the GS and I prefer the Vario cases as the aluminum panniers plus the luggage rack that accompanies them is just too much for my normal use. I also prefer the amount of wind I feel on the GS, I wear electrics in the winter and have never had an issue blocking out wind. As a matter of fact, I just wear my mesh coat with a heated jacket under it year round and it'll get down into the 20's here. The fuel range on the GSA is fantastic but in real world, it isn't a big issue for me. Most recently heading back from the MOA rally, it was just far enough that I didn't feel comfortable trying to do it on one tank so I fueled up once. That being said, I can easily get over 200 miles out of a tank on the GS and regularly get over 50mpg when I take it easy...regularly get 46-48 when I don't.

    I've added SW-Motech bar rises, OEM lower engine guard, Vario cases and I used the Sargent seat from my GSA. I'll probably fork over my left nut for the Clearwaters as well as get a smaller summer screen.

    I love the lack of chain maintenance (I came from a Ducati Multistrada), the better fuel mileage and I've adapted to the handling differences.

    Complaints? I don't get to ride enough!
  8. StuckinOhio

    StuckinOhio Adventurer

    Jun 18, 2008
    Columbus, OH
    Well, I'll be the negative guy here. I only have 3,000 miles on mine. I'm not in love with it truthfully.

    It vibrates more than I think it should and more than the 2016 GS I test rode. The vibrations are in the handlebars, seat and pegs at all speeds it seems. When first purchased, it was only in the grips at a certain speed but it's everywhere now. Hoping it's the tires at this point, though I don't think it is since the vibes stop when I pull in the clutch. After 30 minutes my right hand is numb/doesn't feel right unless I am able to use cruise control for some of the way. I even attempt to loosen my grip on the throttle and pinch it with thumb and fore finger or palm to reduce. I think I'll get a cramp buster like mentioned above to help out.

    I think it sounds like a tractor at idle. I don't recall the 2016 sounding that way. When I let the clutch out, there is a noticeable difference (albeit a minor one) in engine noise which sounds very similar to a throw out bearing on a car. Brought it up at first service and they said it's normal.

    These Anakee Screams are horrendous!

    Oh, and the brakes squeal too. Really annoying.

    I love the looks of it, like the seating position/leg room, like the light weight and manueverability. The power is OK. I haven't paid attention to gas mileage really, but I cant make my entire weeks commute on one tank of gas which is roughly 40 miles a day. I wish I would have gotten the GSA in this regard.

    Disclaimer - I assume everyone's 1250 vibrates pretty much the same and I am not used to it. Previous bikes - K1600GT, GL1800, Concours C14, Concours C10, Honda V-65 Magna. Had all bikes for 3 years and 30,000+ miles except the Magna. The 1600 and 1800 spoiled me on vibrations it seems. And engine noise. The 1600 is fantastic in all regards.
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  9. IJM

    IJM Hinderant Backbenderz

    Nov 10, 2006
    The city above T.O
    I've got about 2000Km on mine so far and love the bike itself, The TFT display is disappointing - there could me more useful info displayed rather than burning a bunch of display real estate with a massive RPM Chart. That coupled with the seeming inability to switch units Km to Mi is just full on bullshit.
  10. tentative_rider

    tentative_rider Wanna Be On Gravel

    Jul 11, 2009
    New Braunfels TX
    Approaching 7000 miles. Traded 2016 GSA in for this one. It’s better in every way. Shift cam is amazing. Love the TFT and navigator VI combo

    And I am averaging in the mid 40 mpg despite riding very fast.

    All my other bikes had lots of aftermarket stuff. I decided to keep this one bone stock except I may order the HP muffler because it looks so stinking cool.

    I have the HP color scheme with Low Rallye seat. I love it. Also love the low Shorty Rallye windscreen, although I did buy the standard tall version to use when taking longer trips, and I also have the really short stubby opaque screen that is sold by machine art Moto for when it’s really hot down here in Texas.

    I think the bike is perfect and does not need anything else for my purposes. I have both BMW hard and soft luggage systems and will swap them out based on the type of trip. Of course the hard bags are the most convenient and I love these things.

    I switched out the rear tire at about 4500 miles for a new Michelin Anakee Adventure. I also love these tires. Not nearly as loud as the A3, and better on soft surfaces. Great on the road and great in the wet as well.

    I love the new “Nano” OEM Auxiliary lights, they are super bright and I actually sold my Clearwater set up. Less extra stuff to worry about.

    I could go on gushing and I probably will later but in any case, no regrets about dropping big cash on this bike. I would do it again.
  11. side-burn

    side-burn Been here awhile

    Apr 28, 2019
    Overall I love it! I’ve been in the sports/naked bike world for a long time and I love how this bike just makes me want to ride, not race. I’m not a road racer but when you have so much HP it’s hard not to focus on that instead of the ride. Honestly I don’t miss them. And 50 MPG and 300+ miles is insane. I’ll probably hate every bike from now on without 8 gallons of fuel.

    I think @StuckinOhio said it sounds/feels like a tractor at idle and oh my god I love that! I’m used to sports bike suspension so this thing feels soft but not spongy. Generally I like the feel but sometimes miss that immediate feedback of hooking up to the road or feeling the bumps. However the bike is NOT as heavy as the specs say and it is incredibly maneuverable.

    I have no intentions on taking it further than double track dirt roads but I love the feeling of not giving a damn the road isn’t paved and rolling on.

    I love the look, the build quality and technology. The Nav and TFT are awesome! I know some have issues but honest I’ve had zero issues. I only play Spotify and playlists therein but it works!

    For a long time I had my Enduro bikes for hard core off-road and my sports bikes for the road. I thought all you ADV guys were knuckleheads but I was wrong. I just wish I would have started earlier!

    What I don’t like:
    Handguards were rubbish, replaced them
    No built in garage door opener (ok I’ve never had a bike with one, but still WTF)
    The 12V adapter thingy should be dual USB - replaced with Wunderlich option
    They should include the BMW adjustable pegs already
    The shift pedal should be black to match the break - I’m anal, sorry.

    I’ll be drinking the kool-aid for a while :1drink
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  12. MikeLSV

    MikeLSV Adventurer

    Jun 13, 2019
    Only 250 miles on the clock - I'll second that for some reason the handlebars/grips are 'buzzy.' Mine is a GSA and despite using cruise control for a bit my hands still come back a bit numb. Don't know why. Did figure out my rallye seat was not set right - that helped my posture but hands still numb. Otherwise, the thing rocks. Bit of heat on my left leg but nothing too intolerable. I love the bike.
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  13. scottdc

    scottdc Been here awhile

    Jul 21, 2006
    Portland, OR
    Haven't had mine long, I'm just over 700 miles. I commute daily on it and am loving it so far. Good on the highway, in urban traffic and twisty roads on the weekends.

    No vibration issues for me but I haven't done any long trips on it yet, longest day so far was only a 200 mile loop.

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  14. LAFS

    LAFS Long timer

    Dec 15, 2016
    So it sounds like you expected more? I can not get a 1250 but I wanted one really bad. However based on your response and a few guys in our BMW club it really is not that big of a difference. If I recall you had a 17.5 and now you have a 1250 correct?

    I trust your opinion so having the bike would you do it again? I mean do you think the 1250 outshines the 1200 by that much?
  15. bmac

    bmac Long timer

    Jan 2, 2006
    I don't agree with your assumption based solely on your assessment that it vibrates more than the 1200. It should not.

    I test rode several 1200's and found they vibrated far more than the 1250. The test riders universally reported a smoother engine when evaluating the 1250. Something may not be right with yours and may be worth having it looked at.
  16. Bikerboy108

    Bikerboy108 Pat from Jersey

    Sep 22, 2004
    Jersey "Land of the Lane Closure"
    Have an 18 GSA ... good friend has a 19 1250.. we go for rides and swap back and forth... best at telling the difference ... done a bunch of roll ons together up to 110 mph... never separated by more than half a bike length.. whether 1250 first or 1200...
    NOW if I was rich... and had no money concerns.would i a buy a 1250 ...Sure why not?
    But . Doesn’t make sense. In my case. Happy with the 18 ... rode the 19 and no burning desire to buy it...Pretty much the same bike...
    But hey go take one for a test ride and.. check your bank account... one positive almost all farkles are swapable..so strip the 1200 and put all on 1250
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  17. rattis

    rattis Long timer

    Apr 3, 2010
    East of the seas of Kattegat
    A couple of 1000 miles and it's nice.
    'Bout performance, maybe there was something wrong with my previous,-16, but this one feels faster, pulls a lot stronger.
    The engine is smoother but the BMW connectivity is a load of rubbish. The TFT is nice enough, but who ever programmed it should be flogged to within an inch of his life. They re-invented the wheel and came up with a narrow wooden one with loose spokes.
    It's a good day when the POS manages to connect to the phone and helmet by itself and recently the fuel gauge took a hike.
  18. StuckinOhio

    StuckinOhio Adventurer

    Jun 18, 2008
    Columbus, OH
    I went into this thinking that the 16 wasn't bad, so I pulled the trigger on the 1250, and I assumed it would only get smoother. I am definitely going to take it back and have it looked at again. At the first service I only mentioned that there was a little vibration at a certain RPM, because that is all I was experiencing at that time. But it has worsened since.

    I plan to extensively ride the 16, assuming they still have it while the shop is looking at/evaluating mine so I can compare now as opposed to February and with my vibes like they are now.

    I really don't like the fact that I don't love this bike because of the vibes. I've loved every one of my bikes and usually get mad if I can't take the bike somewhere for whatever reason but now I don't care. I'd rather take the Jeep....
  19. Sharkbyte

    Sharkbyte Been here awhile Supporter

    Apr 1, 2019
    Sacramento, CA
    My 1250 GSA does not have a lot of vibration. It seems fairly smooth for a GS.... From what you are describing it seems like you may have something else going on. I also have the Anakee tires. There a bit loud but again it does not seem that bad to me... To be fair I say all this with not nearly as much to compare to as you and other have on the forum. I come from dirt bikes and dual sports so the GS seems smooth and quiet. Lol... That said, I don’t hear a lot of feedback from others about excessive vibration. I would get it checked out.
  20. modestmuscle

    modestmuscle Been here awhile Supporter

    Jun 12, 2008
    Whitmore CA USA
    8910 miles IMG_20190619_221712.jpg
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