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Discussion in 'Australia' started by atgreg, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. atgreg

    atgreg Africatwinarama

    Mar 10, 2003
    Sydney Australia
    Ok, we are trying to make it easier for you guys to find out about upcoming rides, they can get lost in the forum sometimes when there's lots of activity so here's a 1 stop shop to find em.

    OK, lets see how it goes.
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  2. Canuck in Oz

    Canuck in Oz you still here

    Dec 19, 2006
    Newcastle, NSW
    I see many other regionals have indexes.

    I just got a bit tired of the same old "which tyre" type querry threads, obviously the search function isn't bothered with or doesn't work too well...so here goes...

    Oz Stolen Bike Register [​IMG]:whip

    or.. ride over their nuts first and ask questions later

    Generally Popular

    Pay it Forward - just take a look inside

    Australian ADVrider Calendar

    [/B]Keeping track of The Pudding :dg

    Spot Tracker index

    Safari bikes past & present:gerg

    Adv Geocacheing Oz
    Share your GPX files

    SA Adv Riders:icy
    Tassie Riders Hub :vardy
    WA Riders Hub :baby

    Oz Suzuki DR650 Adv Riders:ymca

    Oz KTM 640 ADV riders:csm

    Oz KTM 690 riders:csm

    :razor Oz KLR thread

    :poserOz KLE500 riders

    Oz Tenere riders :0-0

    Oz 1100GS riders :gerg

    Oz Tiger riders:toney

    Oz Honda V-Twin ratbags :loco

    Oz V-Strom riders:csm

    Rally good info:ricky
    Dakar (the race not the bike) 2009 info
    Condo 750 Cross Country Rallye 09, be there !!!!!
    Yilgarn Rallye (WA 2 Day Condo 750 style rallye)
    Australian Safari 2009 - Bring It On !!

    :scratch How to...
    How to post an image

    Bloody Tyres

    Actual rubber

    Michellen deserts

    dual purpose tyre choice

    f650 rubber


    Anyone tried the Motoz Tractionator Enduro??

    Mitas & Trelleborg tyres available online

    Cheng Shin - motoz ??

    Searching for a Tyre
    Tyres in Adelaide

    Mitas EO7- comments or feedback

    Tubliss tyre system - anyone tried these??

    Michelin Desert vs Pirelli MT21

    Wee strom front tyre

    Tyres for KLR650

    Metzeler Tourance tyre pressure

    Tyres for KTM

    Mitas E-09's
    Excellent tyre wear!

    Dunlop 605s????

    Motoz tyres on a Dakar?

    Tyres - help

    Metzeler tyre retailers in Sydney - Enduro 3 Sahara

    New Tyres

    Anyone know when Michelin Deserts and T63 will be available again?

    Avon Distanza tyres. Avon knobblies?

    TKC80 or Karoo
    Knobby or Dual sport tyre?????

    What fnt tyre to match up with rear Dunlop D606?

    What tyres-- help please

    Another tyre thread - r1200gs - sorry

    German Heidenau K60's

    Rallye tyres ? Michelin Baja Vs Desert ??

    Tyre advice

    New tyres

    Mefo tyres Oz agent?

    Mitas Tyres
    Aaah, the eternal adventure touring tyre question

    New Pricing on Hedenfookingau Tyres

    New Aussie tyres

    Which Tyres for 640Adv

    Dunlop 606 Review

    New tyres

    Mitas well give these a go.

    606 Dunlop tyres
    Mitas E-09 on 1150GS review

    Tyre related

    Dumb arse tyre changing question.

    Tyre plug - sticky wicket

    Tubliss tyre system - anyone tried these??

    Deflating tyres - to what pressure ?

    What is it with Tyre Shops ??

    New Tyre Shop in Ringwood

    Tyre Prices CRAZY
    Off road tire pressure?

    Puncture repair on the road - what do you carry?

    Tyre Levers

    Spare tubes OR tyre sealant in Outback?


    Outback info

    Unsupported Simpson Desert Trip - What broke & what didn't

    Simpson Trip any useful advice

    Cannington Stock Route advice

    Canning Stock Route

    Any one travelled The Strzelecki Track recently?

    North Australia advice wanted
    Flinders Rangers Advice

    Simpson tech report

    South Coast travel advice

    Simpson crossing advice

    Unsupported Simpson Trip in May

    Bourke to Wilcannia

    Innaminka to the Corner - Anyone Done the Bore Track Recently?

    Silverton to Camerons Corner ?

    Plenty Highway NT Australia
    Unsupported Simpson Crossing

    Innaminka- Birdsville tracks

    The French Line

    Wiluna to Uluru via Gun Barrel

    Great Central Road?

    Planning The French Line

    Shortcut off Strezlecki track?

    trans-australia railway track

    Other track/riding area info
    Victorian High Country pointers

    Has anyone ridden Kangaroo Island?

    Triple B Tour to Cape York

    Tassie suggestions

    Tasmanian Favorite Roads & Trails

    General Info

    Excellent Desert Adventure Planning Thread
    Desert riding tips

    Navigation (Route sheet) Rides

    Wobbling in Sand - Handle Bar Pivot Point?

    Touring Rules

    Desert/Outback riding advice

    Navigating and surviving in wild country

    I'm planning a trip for next year.

    bulldust riding technique

    Favorite Camping Recipes?
    Maps for tracks

    Training for Long Distance Riding

    Adventure Gear

    pack mule

    How do YOU, pack your bike for a trip?

    Advriding Gear list

    bag man
    What Pannier System Should I Buy

    Soft panniers

    My take on a well worn theme at the moment

    Tank Bag for a 2003 640 A KTM

    New Luggage - Bloody Ripper

    Soft Pannier / Saddlebag Options or 1200gs

    Wolfman lugggage

    Ideas for soft pannier support.

    Panniers-Soft or Hard

    tank map bags
    Panniers for two up........anyone?

    Panniers - hard or soft, whats better?

    Old Ammo Boxes as Hard Panniers?

    Pannier Racks

    Modifying Expedition Panierz

    Andy Strapz Tank Bags

    For those that cant afford andy strapz bags

    ktm 950 Pannier Advice
    640 ADV Racks and Bags

    Suggestions: dual sport luggage

    Soft Panniers

    Pack Fuel

    Carrying extra fuel

    Nomad/bum tanks on 625 SXCs

    fuel bags / roadrider issue 5?

    Side Fuel Tanks/Pods

    KTM 950/990 carbon fibre long range fuel Tanks..
    rear fender tank

    Safari Tank

    aux' tanks

    40L 950 tanks

    Flexible Fuel cells

    Alternative fuel containers

    Safari Tanks - There Growing on Me

    Bivouac chat :kumbaya


    Camping Food
    New camping gear

    Led Camping Headlamps

    Tent or Swag?

    Coleman "Epsilon2"


    Camping Stove

    Sleeping mats and Tents

    stoves, bikes and deserts

    Food on the road

    Camping Food

    Other Stuff

    Gadgets, Gadgets and more Gadgets

    Best air filter for adventure riding?

    Air filters on long ride

    EPIRB's-Does anybody carry one?

    heated grips
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  3. atgreg

    atgreg Africatwinarama

    Mar 10, 2003
    Sydney Australia
    Sheepskin seat cover

    Sheepskin Seat Cover

    Anyone in Sydney with an Airhawk?

    What maps do you use ?

    Andy strapz

    Rally Essentials

    What's your favorite tool? Or..mine's lighter than yours

    Driving Lights

    Dupont Teflon Multi-use Lubricant

    With or Without a screen?

    Bike oils?

    HYDRATION PACKS which one ???

    Tool Rolls

    Aussie made 640 ADV rallye stylee bashplate thread

    The best sleeping bag

    Metal fuel line quick disconnects, where did you get them?

    On Ya!


    Helmet advice please

    dual sport helmet choice

    Zeus Helmet review

    Shoei Hornet D/S Helmet

    Shoe Hornet vs Arai XD

    Top Gear

    Zeus Helments - anyone know about them ?

    Arai XD/TX

    MX style Helmets with shields ?

    Whats a decent helmet for ADV riding

    Arai Tour-X Helmet

    Simpson Dualsport Helmet

    BMW Enduro Helmet Supply in Oz

    Polarised goggles?

    New Helmet


    Dririder Rallyross Pro

    KTM rally jacket...

    boots for adventurers

    traxion kevlar mesh jackets...

    Nolan N102 Helmet

    Waxed bike jackets

    Race Light Pro Jacket 08

    Dri Rider RallyCross Jacket = Junk

    Summer Jacket and Pants

    Summer Jacket

    Jackets and pants

    Who sells Aerostitch in Sydney or Oz?

    Off Road gear

    Whats Necessary Off-Road Gear for One Time Outback Trip?


    Moto Dry ADVENTURER Jacket

    DriRider Jacket anybody using one?

    Adventure jackets etc

    Heated Vests...


    Klim Motorcycle Pants


    Jackets and pants

    RJays Explorer Pants

    summer / mesh riding pants ??

    what pants do you wear

    riding pants

    Heated Vests...


    fox tracker boots ??

    Boots suggestions ?

    Boots !!

    Setup Adventure Touring Boots


    Gloves -first day of winter and I want warm fingers

    Waterproof summerweight gloves - do they exist ?

    Warm gloves

    Customers v Sellers :pain

    Held Biker Fashion Australia (sucks)

    Why do some bike salesmen treat you like a muppet?

    International Online Shops

    Buying Interstate - online

    Fair deal or ripped off in OZ

    Rant+ Btx +service=sucks

    Nolan Helmets are a disgrace

    USA postage

    Buying a scotts damper from the US ??

    Parts Prices.. am I out of touch ??

    Draggin jeans - cheaper from US ??

    Warning re Aussie Discs

    SCAR - Nice way to start a new business

    Buying a Leatt brace in Australia - what a rip off

    BMW dealers!

    Suzuki Aust+ Crap service

    Buying Interstate - online

    Import Akrapovics

    Overseas Helmets & Mr Plod

    Helmet - Certification Solutions International

    Arai tour cross / xd in Aust


    Buying overseas

    What is it with Tyre Shops ??

    And they call themselves fkn bike shops

    total disgust with a store

    Not happy Mr Shannons

    Let me tell you a thing or 2 about the Fucked NSW RTA

    Goddamned bloody genuine - arseholes

    Best Dealer Support in Australia?

    **** BMW Part2.

    Kawasaki Australia

    Had a little chat with the KTM dealer....

    Adv Parts from Overseas

    Road Rider magazine goes politically correct

    Yamaha Dealers in Perth, WA

    Touratech Distribution by BMW in Oz?

    US $180 for a pair of gloves???

    Avoid local BMW dealer for everything!!!!!!!!

    Import Problems From U.s.

    Getting Dunlop Knobbies in Tassie, what a bloody hassle

    New parts importer in Australia

    Quoted Items

    Dont it piss you off

    Thinking of using Ballard's mail order - cautionary note

    What is with KTM hardpart prices in AUS!!!

    Pro cycles

    Talk to me

    UHF Radio Questions

    UHF radio mounting


    Autocom Wiring

    renting UHF Radios

    Bike to Bike UHF, Info Please

    UHF Radio Frequencies

    Autocom = Awsome

    Pillion to rider UHF's

    Bluetooth UHF Radio

    Chatterbox Helmet Speakers

    Throat mic's…

    Sat phones - whats the go?

    Sat phone hire

    Satelite phone


    Bike phone charger

    Next G phones ???

    Motorola Talkabout T8500 AUstralia License

    Next G 3G coverage

    :mulieRoad taxes :baldy

    RTA (NSW), speed cameras, loss of licence, revenue raising police state etc etc...

    Shannons no cover for offroad??

    Insurance - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

    Insure My Ride

    Blue Slip for previously registered import - VIN question

    Beware of Insurers

    Automatic Numberplate Recognition.........HERE

    Insurance when you take your bike overseas

    The truth behind speeding enforcement

    Green slip ( N.S.W. )

    What I Didn't Know About the Green Slip Levy

    Revenue-hungry governments ignore the statistics as they hype the holiday road toll

    Best Insurer for Dirt Bikes? (not registerable)

    Not happy Mr Shannons

    Ship it

    Getting my bike from NSW to WA

    Mechanical How to's

    Dewater your Bike

    Coming soon... bike hire, international and domestic bike transport. If you see a recurring, Australia specific thead topic that, post a request. Better yet, compile your list of links and I'll paste it to the index.

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  4. Autostream

    Autostream Long timer

    Aug 1, 2005
    Belgrave, Victoria, Australia
    It is easy to use google for a much faster and better search of ADV Rider than by using the slow built in search engine.

    Arch writes about it here.
  5. Autostream

    Autostream Long timer

    Aug 1, 2005
    Belgrave, Victoria, Australia
    There is now an Australian calendar within ADV Rider

    Works much the same as posting a normal post within a thread. You can add text, images links etc. You can add a reminder as well.

    Just remember to make sure you are in the Australian calendar as there are several to choose from.
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