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    Russ Let's ride.

    Jul 22, 2007
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  2. DucatiSoc

    DucatiSoc Orange.

    Jan 11, 2007
    Canberra, Cold and Wet
    Item: 2002 KTM 640 Adventure
    Price: $3250
    Location: Murrumbateman, NSW. Just outside Canberra.
    KTMatt steel bashplate
    KTMatt rear luggage rack
    AndyStrapz Expedition Panniers
    Spare air filter
    Spare replacement KTM oil filter kit
    Headlight protector
    New rear suspension linkage
    All linkages/bearings lubricated 500km ago
    New chain 500km ago
    KTM gasket kit
    KTM workshop manual printed/bound.
    Aftermarket Exhaust and stock KTM bashplate included.
    Bike had a rebuild at approximately 30,000km, where the clutch main bearing was replaced. Bike was prepped for a big trip 500km ago, unfortunately trip didn't go ahead.
    She's not a shed princess, stickers are missing from one side of the tank, and one of the headlights is cracked.
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  3. Scaredofthedirt

    Scaredofthedirt Been here awhile

    Nov 15, 2006
    Spot 2. $50

    Was last used 2016.

    Happy to post at you expense.


    Tim - 0407 586 782

    LOFTYBOB Burning up 98 Octane

    Oct 23, 2007
    Down Under - South Australia
    T700 Yamaha Crash Bars

    Since I have opted to go with the Heed standard crash bars, I have a complete set (in 2 different colors) of Outback Motortek crash bars, Uppers are black, and lowers are silver. I can't be bothered powder coating the silver to black, and the Heed bars offer enough protection.
    These retail for around $800 for both plus shipping, so half price at $400 plus postage. These are located in Mackay North QLD.
  5. Strummer

    Strummer Snail Trailer

    Apr 1, 2009
    Brisbane Australia
    Dririder waterproof pants in safety yellow. Size large. Removable waterproof liner. New, never used. Option to fit a second quilted liner (not supplied).
    $110 plus postage to wherever you are, or pick up Brisbane CBD, M - Th.

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  6. medicmick

    medicmick Spike

    Feb 3, 2007
    68B4ED0D-F5BA-4992-BC20-B84A92C996F1.jpeg BDB23A19-A49C-4641-811F-D3F31021E29B.jpeg
    2012 Suzuki DL650 V Strom ABS
    NSW Rego NWA80
    *Just short of 15000kms
    *Pannier Racks
    *GIVI Top Box
    *H&B side cases
    *NSW Rego is 11/2020 I will renew
    *Crash bars
    Stock + 2 other screens (tall, medium)
    *GIVI tank bag new
    *Oxford heater grips
    *12v cig lighter
    *Brand new Bridgestone Battlax front
    *Rear Bridgestone Battlax plenty of meat and side nipples
    *LED drive lights (switched).
    *Lambs wool seat cover with rain cover
    *Throttle rocker
    Mick 0414689215
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  7. DustyWheels

    DustyWheels Nomadic motorcyle traveller

    May 15, 2007
    Lake Macquaire, NSW, Australia
    Shock and forks springs, maybe of use to someone

    WP 85/220 - 85N/mm. 200mm long, ID 59mm

    Eibach 0800.225.475 - 8.3N/mm(8.5kg/mm)
    203mm long, ID 57mm

    Fork springs #1 - 4.8kg/mm, 465mm long, ID 32, OD 43.5

    Fork springs #2 - 5.2kg/mm, 485mm long, ID 32, OD 43.5

    $50 ea ono, plus postage, pick up Cardiff area (NSW).

  8. DustyWheels

    DustyWheels Nomadic motorcyle traveller

    May 15, 2007
    Lake Macquaire, NSW, Australia
    Used but in excellent condition Pre filter foams to suit Unifilter Pre filter kit AU1440.
    $50 posted or $40 pick up. Cardiff area ( NSW)

  9. dmsantam

    dmsantam DR and FZ1 rider

    Dec 15, 2012
    Sydney, Australia
    Promoto Billet rack for DR650 1996 to present. Includes pannier frames to keep panniers off side covers and exhausts. I don't think you can get the pannier frames anymore brand new, but the rack is still popular. Very strong and light setup.

    Location: Ashfield NSW, 2131
    Will post at your expense
    Price: $200
    IMG_20200730_155235.jpg IMG_20200730_155223.jpg
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  10. Rus

    Rus Been here awhile

    Jul 13, 2011
    Sydney, Australia
    Dri Rider Rallycross Pro Jacket & Pants, size XL, $300, Kensington (Sydney)
    Bought May 2021 $650 & barely used
    Jacket has zip in thermal & waterproof liner, water bladder pocket & bladder & heaps of pockets
    Pants have zip in waterproof liner and I added CE approved knee armour
    I am selling because the jacket doesn’t have the same ventilation my old Rallycross Pro of 7 years did, so is too hot in summer. I also find the front zipper a little fiddly - it works but I lack patience
    A mate gave me his spare RST Pro 2 jacket that was too small for him but fits me, so I may as well use that.
    Fit wise it works well for me at 6’3, 92kg & a 36” waist.
    Any queries please give me a call or send me a text on 0414 247 989.
    Thanks, Russell
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  11. grumpyoldbstrd

    grumpyoldbstrd Been here awhile

    Sep 16, 2007
    Melbourne, Australia
    The eye sight is pretty fucked, the reflexes have slowed down, and it’s time to hang up the helmet.

    Only got two bikes left which are now both up for sale.

    The first: 1975 R90/6. Black, one owner (me). Shit loads of kays. On the 1st oversize of the 2nd barrels. Dual plugged, twin front brake disc. Cam shaft replaced, followers, big ends and mains done, gearbox rebuilt a couple of times, 33/11 final drive, rear wheel coupling replaced, /7 carbs, easy clutch cable mod. Oil cooler, pot racks, Craven Golden Arrow panniers with Clubman top box. Luftmeister side tanks (an extra 10 litres), Corbin Saddle. It’s a bit like “Grandpa’s Axe”, but still has matching numbers, and the original crankshaft and cases. Voltmeter, clock, oil pressure and oil pressure gauges. Electronic ignition (Piranha). Battery is ready to be replaced, but it still starts up every month. OEM tank bag. Ready, and set to do more laps of OZ. Upgrade tool kit included. Full history and RWC supplied and Red Plate eligible.


    The second: 2005 F650 Dakar. Silver with TT 39 kit (fuel range = 970 kms). Lots of kays, but still very strong. Rings, valves and guides and cam chain have been done. Andy Strapz panniers and AA bag. Lots of spares. Garmin 62S GPS, MSR steering damper, Pro Oiler chain lube, Pivot pegs, lots of TT farkles. TT tank bag. Staintune exhaust (original system included), S/S 6.5 litre water tank, spare RHS fuel pod. Mechanical water pump replaced with an electric unit (much, much better). LHS instrument cluster replaced with a Suzuki DR 400 unit. Tupperware removed and sold. L & R grab rails installed. OEM hard panniers included. Airhawk saddle cushion included. These bikes don’t do anything one thing extraordinarily well, but they do everything very well. The capability of these things far exceeds most rider’s ability. It’s done lots of high country work, desert work, and laps of OZ. It’s a very forgiving little bastard, and has compensated many times for my lack of ability. Serious tool kit included. Full history and RWC supplied. Almost forgot – there’s a spare back wheel included, and a spare set of knobbies. $6000.

    Located in a Melbourne S/E suburb.` Can’t post pics here, but can respond to emails with pics. People on oil rigs, or those who want to buy sight unseen need not respond. A couple of Nolan helmets are free, and a new white Schuberth XXL C4 (worn once) for $600 (new price = $800) is also offered. Lots of gloves and stuff will also be thrown in. Oh yeah, there’s bike lift for $200 if you’re interested. There’s also a wheel balancer jig , and a tyre changing jig which are up for grabs.

    Contact: grumpyoldbstrd@bigpond.com or ring 0409 645 260.
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  12. hdog

    hdog Been here awhile

    Jun 4, 2008
    maitland, nsw
    B7AF28B9-5456-4D2F-A77F-64AB77E2D94F.jpeg 34F6DBEA-5067-4B91-8A57-A63A2502220B.jpeg View attachment 2635404 Gen 3 spot tracker used but everything works as it should...very good condition..$50 plus post or pick up...located Maitland NSW 2323
  13. Fastest_Eddie

    Fastest_Eddie n00b

    Dec 14, 2019
    Forcefield EX-K CE2 Body Armour, adjustable sizing. $550 obo

    Currently $835 from Adventure Moto.

    This item is as new – perfect condition, unmarked (thankfully) and (despite the looks) is incredibly comfortable for long days on a bike thanks to a highly adjustable fit and flexible material that moulds to your body shape.
    I have used only once and rode in temperatures from 44C down to 0C and had no issue with venting at higher temperatures.
    I used it under my leathers. At lower temperatures with a thermal layer over the top of the armour it was incredibly warm as it trapped the warm air in the weave for a very comfortable ride.
    Forcefield is the world’s leading specialist in the design and production of body armour clothing systems for impact protection. The EX-K is the world’s very best full CE Level 2 upper body motorcycle protection. In fact, it far exceeds Level 2 requirements.
    This gear is size L. However, I am 6’2” and 98kg and I am approximately in the middle of the adjustments that are available. I am usually XL or XXL on most other gear. With the range of adjustment, it can fit a huge range of smaller and larger bodies.
    It has multiple adjustment points for optimum flexibility and comfort.
    It has an easy to use central front zip, neck brace location point and class leading CE Level 2 back, chest, shoulder, kidney and elbow armour combine to create the ultimate in upper body protection.
    Despite the looks it is actually quite quick to put on after a few goes and is seriously comfortable.

    Link: https://www.adventuremoto.com.au/forcefield-body-armour-ex-k-harness-flite-l2

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  14. tileman

    tileman Long timer

    Mar 15, 2007
    Melbourne, OZ
    Hi all.

    Selling a couple of things.

    Klim Dakar ITB pants. Un used. 34 regular. $250 inc shipping.

    Pics added.



    Based in NE suburbs Melb.
  15. Kimi

    Kimi Been here awhile

    Mar 5, 2012
    Adelaide South Australia
    As new, never used, 100 litre DrySpec bag, comes with Corporate Motoquest Logo for that extra cred.
    $80.00 ono prefer pick up Adelaide or new owner pays postage.

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  16. Mindfulmunchkin

    Mindfulmunchkin Adventurer

    Jan 7, 2016
    Time to sell my beloved Africa Twin 2018 -Last of the good looking AT's
    Just don't ride it enough so going to put it up for sale - Only 8850 Km from new.

    Comes with high end Outback Motortek Upper and Lower crash bars plus skid plate. BarkBusters, screen, Oxford heated grips, 12v power take off,wider pegs.

    Also Outback Motortek Rear racks and BSB rear mount plate,

    All original parts with sale.

    Located near Horsham, Victoria $ 16,250

    Lisa - 0498216908

    IMG_20201108_170830.jpg IMG_20201108_170843.jpg
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  17. dave-k

    dave-k Adventurer

    Feb 14, 2019
    2019 BMW GS1250 Ralley X
    Located in Melbourne
    9000kms. Rego till March 21,

    Great bike with all the factory wizardry fitted.
    Electric suspension, shifter, heated grips, HP exhaust, connected App, dynamic pro modes etc.

    Added a touratech rack and USB outlet.

    Great bike, ready to get out of Vic lockdown.

    Dave 0438565849

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  18. richo360

    richo360 Long timer

    Sep 5, 2011
    Melb Bayside
    2009 505 XC-F
    Hmmm, wasnt ever going to sell this, but in reality its just going to sit.
    Really, it should be ridden, its perfect for someone who wants to do Finke, Hattah, or just ride fast and be scared shitless in doing so.

    A few details...
    I'm told there was only around 36 XC-F and SX-F, variants in 450 and 505 (477cc) capacities brought into Oz over 2008 and 2009. They were a dealer order only, many went to MX teams, there were a few that went to WA that were converted to Safari bikes (Matt Fish rode one in 2010), Ben Grabham won Finke on a 505XC-F in 09. Kevvy Doyle built that motor for Grabbo, the ONLY mods away from stock was a different muffler, and ceramic coated top end rod bearings to sustain high revs/heat better. He tells me that was all. Yes, theyre a good engine.

    They were a twin cam engine developed by KTM, and its not a coincidence that when Dakar capacity changes to 450cc were brought in, KTM slotted this engine into their factory rally bikes for the first few years. Most of the 08's and many of the 09's were SXF 4 speed bikes.

    This is an (even more rare) 09 5 speed, semi wide ratio box, which puts the gearing half way between a SX and EXC. In reality with the gearing on it, its good for over 180kmh if you are. The XC-F runs different/longer rake than a similar year exc, so its more stable at speed, the trade off is it isn't great at low speed first gear single track... sort of wanders around the place, but you turn up the steering dampener to stop that to some extent.
    It also has next to no flywheel weight, so at low speed its easy to stall.
    Get the picture? You CAN ride it in the bush, but its really at home at speed.

    This one was ordered by the dealer owner in Griffith NSW, and he rode it around his property etc.
    I purchased it end of 2015, with a plan to do Finke.
    Beforehand, it was stripped to its bare bones and rebuilt.... refer my 'I Finke I can' thread.
    Bare frame, powdercoat, rebuilt suspension, every bearing replaced, new wheelset, disc rotors and pads, chain and sprockets, plastics, nuts bolts.
    The engine was stripped down by Kevvy Doyle... previously the head honcho mechanical guru at KTM race teams, with a history or working for top end MX and offroad racing teams. He knows his stuff. New hoses, radiators rebuilt, new bars, cables etc etc.
    A new crank and rod assembly and piston was sourced and the cases split and fitted.
    Its also had a new starter/decomp actuator and exhaust cam and starter clutch gear. Due to sitting for the last 2 years, I recently fired it up and it virtually leaked oil from everywhere... lol. So its back with Kev again getting fresh gaskets (actually, it runs O ring seals instead of gaskets). I've even got a spare NOS starter motor to go with it.
    Has a factory Titanium pipe, and a KTM/FMF hard parts muffler, stainless footpegs. Its got a MSC steering dampener, Sigma 'cateye' type trip/speedo. It does have rec rego, but hmmm. You'd have to actually wire up a headlight and taillight to legitimately transfer it I guess. No woring or switches currently.
    I've got a second set of radiator shrouds and front guard signed by Grabbo, Jeff Leisk and Toby Price.
    Its currently got Michelin Desert Race rear and a Dunlop AT81 RC front, with UHD tubes.
    I've got the original black tank (9 litres) and a 11.5 litre white tank that I ran at Finke. Also have a spare battery, and 3-4 air filters.
    Since the pic above, I had Mario at Topline retrim the seat with orange gripper bars across the rear.
    I reckon its done maybe 25 hours all up since I rebuilt it.... that includes Finke and pre running. I think I've ridden it in the bush twice at the end of 2016/early 17. After that I parked it, until recently when I went to ride it and found it needed some love again.

    If you (or someone you know) wanted to basically step on a bike that has the ability to be at the front of the field, for a budget cost, this is the bike. Old school, no electronics, just twin cam 477cc and a big flat slide carby grunt. Estimated at around 65 hp, but who really knows? Guaranteed to put hairs on your chest, make your eyes squint and ass pucker.

    Located Mornington, due to lockdown its still with Kevvy but he tells me it should be back soon.
    I'm going to ask $7,000, its worth all of that, I don't want to think with the purchase and time and bits what it would actually ask. No covid tax, but due to its rarity that's got to add value.
    I've seen a few pop up very rarely for a bit less, but they're generally unloved, a bit ratty, or covered in Rockstar energy drink stickers, if you get my drift.

    Message me, or call 0425 827 227

    Screenshot_20201109-111111_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201109-111052_Gallery.jpg
  19. Homer GSA

    Homer GSA R1200GSA 2008

    Oct 10, 2016
    BMW R1200 GS Adventure. Tweed Heads NSW (Near Qld border)

    View attachment 2648047

    2008 model. Probably the highest mileage GS in Australia.

    It has a genuine 364,000 kms!


    I bought it with 315,000 kms from a BMW Motorcycle mechanic who bought it off the original owner at trade in. He went through it and replaced anything that needed it, which wasn’t much. It was fully serviced by BMW until 320,000 kms. I am a mechanic and serviced it every 10’000 since.

    I have put 50’000k’s on it touring and commuting 120kms per day to work.

    Has all the GS Adventure stuff - 33 litre fuel tank, wire wheels, factory crash bars, lower first gear and larger windshield and deflectors.

    I had prepared this to head overseas in 2021 but due to a total knee replacement I simply cant get enough bend in my knee to ride it. I have replaced the original suspension with full Wilburs suspension. I replaced the driveshaft with a greasable and rebuildable one. It also has a near new Metzeler Karoo Street front tyre. The rear has maybe another 3000k’s but factor in a Karoo street for the rear. It has a large top box with a few scratches from taking it on and off, and Givi rear racks. Has a second charging socket and some eBay spot lights, a second fuse box under the seat and is set up for a trickle charger.

    The suspension / tyre combo on this bike is amazing, particularly on secondary dirt roads.

    It is registered in Queensland and I am happy to get a RWC for Qld or NSW, as required.

    I also have the GS911 diagnostic unit which you need to do the ABS purge during service. It cost $590, you can have it for $350.

    If I don’t sell it I will just put it in storage for my daughter.

    Cant seem to post photo. Weird. The avatar shows the bike. If someone knows how to fix the photo can you pm me. Hopeless at this stuff.
  20. tileman

    tileman Long timer

    Mar 15, 2007
    Melbourne, OZ
    Hi all.

    Listing again as we've got freedom!

    2005 Triumph Sprint ST 1050 w/approx 50000kms. Good condition.

    Near new tires, oil changed within last 1000kms.

    Custom bits; Hopefully pictures tell a thousand words but here goes;

    2011 Aprilia Tuono headlight, front fairing, side fairings, rear subframe and fenders, bellypan.
    Tuono muffler and custom secondary headers.
    2011 Triumph Daytona 675 gauges, fully functional (gear indicator only reads neutral and 1st as the 05 sprint didn't have this OEM option)
    Hayabusa front forks with sprint steerer stem with Aprilia fender.
    Triumph riser bars and bar end mirrors.
    KTM baby bottle radiator overflow. (kids never used it, really).

    More custom parts were made, to many to mention.

    Non pictured items.

    Original parts included.
    Sprint gauges
    Front guard
    Tuono rear number mount
    Centre Stand

    Also included.
    Front and rear track stands.
    Aprilia Tuono OEM touring screen.
    More Pics Avaliable on request.

    Based in NE suburbs of Melb.

    $7500 inc rego and RWC for Vic.

    $6500 for interstate inmates with no rego or rwc.


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