Ozark/Mo/OK tent camping spots?

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    I'm trying to wrap my head around this social distancing thing and also find some excuse to ride my bike and get some air. Usually when I ride it's to get a great meal, or coffee, or microbrew. That is to say where people congregate.

    Now that Spring is almost here, I'm thinking I ought to just pack up a day or two's worth of food and go tent or hammock camp by myself somewhere within a few hours ride of NW Arkansas. I'm getting stir crazy stuck indoors.

    When I lived in SoCal, I had Tom Stienstra's book which gave great details and reviews on lesser known campsites. As a recent resident of NW Arkansas, I don't know of a similar resource.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for dispersed camping sites, preferable without RV's nearby. They can't be walk-ins as I'd want to keep an eye on my bike.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Pick an area in the Ozark National Forest and look for open clearings along the roads. You should be able to find some cleared out spots with fire pits. A lot of these are old deer camp spots and are easy to pick out. Try and get off the larger forest roads to avoid traffic. The Ozark and St Francis NF closed down their camp grounds last week but dispersed camping is still available on both forests.


    Have fun.
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